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Continuous Enrollment Policy


Any student who is engaged in graduate study in a degree or professional endorsement program at Longwood University must enroll each fall and spring semester to maintain their place in graduate school and their program.  Students who find that they will not be enrolled for any credit in a fall or spring semester MUST REGISTER FOR CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT OR REQUEST A LEAVE OF ABSENCE AS DESCRIBED BELOW.

This policy does not include summer sessions.

Students must be enrolled in the semester they are admitted to the degree or professional endorsement program and the semester they are scheduled to graduate.

Students who take an unapproved break in registration by failing to maintain continuous enrollment or by failing to request a leave of absence will relinquish their graduate standing in the university and be required to apply for graduate readmission and pay the readmission application fee.  Reinstatement is not automatic in such instances and will depend on a full review by the applicable Program Coordinator.

Continuous Enrollment:

In any regular semester that a student is not enrolled in a program requirement they must enroll in GRAD 698. Continuous Enrollment. This course does not count toward degree requirements. Registration must take place during the registration periods as published in the University calendar.  This course is non-graded and tuition is $50.00 for the 1 credit.

Thesis/Collaborative Research/Practicum/Clinical Experience/Internship: Graduate students are required to satisfactorily complete the minimum number of credit hours in thesis, collaborative research, practicum, clinical experience, or internship as established by their program, but must remain continuously enrolled until completion. The minimum number of hours in which a student enrolls varies by program.  Students must be enrolled in the semester scheduled for graduation.

Leave of Absence:

Students wishing to be excused from the continuous enrollment requirement because of extenuating circumstances may request a leave of absence from the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies by submitting a written request.

To request a leave of absence:

Prior to the first day of on-campus classes in the fall or spring as published in the University calendar:

  1. E-mail your program coordinator, using your Longwood e-mail address, with a request for a leave of absence.  Clearly explain the reason(s) for your request.
  2. Your program coordinator will forward an approval or disapproval to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies and to you, the student.
  3. You will be notified by Graduate Studies of the decision through e-mail.

Except for extenuating circumstances requiring approval from the Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies, time spent in leave of absence status will be included in all time limits pertaining to the student's degree program. Students on a leave of absence are not entitled to use any university facilities, make demands upon faculty time, or receive an assistantship or financial aid.