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Sample Course Schedule

Sample Course Offering

Liberal Studies Elementary Education Teacher Licensure Program
at SVCC’s Southside Virginia Education Center in Emporia. Sample Schedule (*see note below)

Qualified students holding an Associate in Arts and Sciences Degree may, upon acceptance to the university, transfer into the Liberal Studies Elementary Education Program at Southside Virginia Community College’s Southside Virginia Education Center in Emporia.  Students will enter the program as part of a cohort and follow the two-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Liberal Studies Elementary Education with Commonwealth of Virginia Elementary Teacher Licensure. 


Fall 2011 
MATH 309—Probability, Statistics, and Reasoning (3cr)
ENGL 382—Grammar: Theory and Practice (3cr)
KINS 389—Methods of Teaching Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers (3cr)
MUSC 448 or
THEA 448 or
ART 448—Integrated Arts (3cr) 
SOCL 320—Sociology of Education (3cr)  
   Total Credits  15

Spring 2012
EDUC 310—Foundations of Literacy Instruction (3 cr)
EDUC 380—Classroom Assessment (2 cr)
ENGL 483—Writing: Theory and Practice in the Elementary Classroom (3cr)
ENGL 400—Active Citizenship: An Advanced Writing Seminar (3cr)
MATH 310—Probability, Statistics, and Programming (3cr)
   Total Credits 14

Summer 2012
EDUC 370—Practicum II (3cr)
MATH 313—Geometry and Reasoning (3cr)
   Total Credits 6

Fall 2012
Partnership (No other course work may be taken during Partnership)
EDUC 440—Field Experience in Literary Instruction (1 cr).
EDUC 441—Elementary School Literary Instruction (3 cr)
EDUC 450—Principles of Instruction (2 cr)
EDUC 451—Curriculum in the Elementary School (NK-6) (2 cr).
EDUC 487—Classroom Management and System Issues (3cr).
SPED 489—Survey of Exceptional Children (3 cr)
   Total Credits 14

Spring 13
EDUC 401—Directed Teaching in the Elementary School (12 cr). ** See note below.
  Longwood University Program Credits= 61

*This sample schedule provides an example of the coursework and credit offerings based on a two-year cohort commitment.  This schedule is tentative and subject to change based on enrollment needs and availability of specific course offerings. 

**Note: Passing scores on Praxis II, VCLA, and VRA are required prior to beginning EDUC 401.  These exams are required for licensure in Virginia.