Graduate Research Symposium Opening
Graduate Research Symposium Opening

Longwood’s graduate students presented their work on Research Day, Wednesday, April 26 for the 3rd Annual Graduate Research Symposium at the Greenwood Library. An impressive turnout of attendees engaged with the presenters, asked questions, and listened while the graduate students explained their research methods and findings.

At the graduate level, research and inquiry are an integral part of all programs and concentrations. Graduate students develop research skills, practice research in the field, and become contributors and leaders in their profession. By looking at research and inquiry across displines, we learn about and gain more respect and understanding for everyone's field of study.

Thank you to all of the graduate students who participated, and the many hours of hard work involved in each research subject. Great work!

To visit all of the research presented, go to the Digital Commons:

Graduate Research Symposium Display 1

The following presenters included:

Advocating for Atheist Clients in the Counseling Profession

Brittany Bishop, Counselor Education

iPads and Language Arts Instruction in Early Education: Is It a Good Thing?

Burch Hazelgrove Pope, Reading, Literacy and Learning

Unlocking Reading Motivation

Dona O'Dell, Elena Faulkner, Reading , Literacy and Learning

Upward and Onward: The Effects of Early Literacy Access and Instruction Via Public Health Departments

Jennifer S. Elliott, Reading, Literacy and Learning

Academic Assessment of a Student with Intellectual Disabilities

Michelle Kassel, Emily Gay, Special Education

Accuracy of Speech Recognition Software (Apple versus Samsung): A Pilot Study

Kelsey Dunbar, Meredith Peck, Brittany Adcock, Nicole Wingo, Anne Phoenix, Communication Sciences and Disorders

African American Male Adolescent Aliteracy

Deirdre F. Bates, Reading , Literacy and Learning

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders Effect on a Student's Academic Achievement

Emily V. Hume, Longwood University
Joan Giordano, Longwood University
Amanda Miller, Longwood University

Case Study: An Individual with Autism and an Intellectual Disability

Elizabeth M. Young
Rebecca L. Hamilton, Longwood University

Determining Educational Achievement

Caroline M. Parris, Longwood University

Does a Mindfulness Activity Have an Immediate Effect on Working Memory Skills in Longwood University Students?

Kristen L. D. Taylor, Longwood University

Effect of Elementary School Library Checkout Policies on Student Access to Books

Megan A. Walker, Longwood University

Genrefication in the Middle School Library and Student and Teacher Satisfaction

Jessica North, Longwood University

How to Overcome Challenging Learning Conditions: Lessons Learned from South Africa

Amanda Swafford 2394540, Longwood University

Knowledge of Vocal Hygiene and Vocal Abuse in Longwood Education Majors

Lauren M. McGonagle, Longwood University

Rate of Consumption and Number of Bites Versus Dining Environment

Kathleen M. Mullin, Longwood University
Alyssa M. Hudson, Longwood University
Marguerite R. Smith, Longwood University

Graduate Research Symposium Display 3

The Effect of Regular Exercise on a Word Retrieval Memory Test in Habitual & Non-Habitual Exercisers

Jessica Davis-Lee, Longwood University
Meggan Williams, Longwood University
Tyler Harris, Longwood University

The Effect Posture on Sip Size Volume

Sarah Revels, Longwood University
Brianna Dorsey, Longwood University
Meredith McCabe, Longwood University
Gabrielle Parent, Longwood University

The Effects of Growth Mindset on Academic Achievement

Karen R. Mason, Longwood University

The Relationship Among Speaking Fundamental Frequency, Vocal Part, & Vocal Range

Allison Nutting, Longwood University
Jessica Lanehart, Longwood University
Sally Wilson, Longwood University
Corrie Honaker, Longwood University

"Gotta catch 'em all": Selecting Instructional Approaches and Programs to Meet the Specific Reading Needs of Struggling Middle Schoolers

Margaret H. Street Mrs.

Professional Development: The Key to Better Instruction and Achievement of English Learners

Christina Kline, Longwood University

 Graduate Research Symposium Display 4


Teaching Literacy to Individuals with Dyslexia: What Research Tells Us

Sarah Parker

The Monsters in Our Closets

Carlie M. Copal, Longwood University

“Who Has Time For That?”: Effectively Integrating Disciplinary Literacy Practices

Kathryn S. Johnson, Longwood University


Graduate Research Symposium Display 5


The Graduate Research Symposium concluded with awards and a reception held in the Greenwood Atrium from 5:45 p.m.-6:30 p.m.