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Graduate Assistantships

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The College of Graduate and Professional Studies recognizes that graduate assistantships provide critical educational opportunities for Longwood University graduate students, and that assistantships are directly related to the core elements of students' graduate degrees and the educational reasons students attend Longwood. Moreover, graduate assistantships provide a mechanism through which the College of Graduate and Professional Studies may provide students consistent and regularized financial assistance.

Faculty or staff who wish to request a graduate assistant position must submit their Request for Graduate Assistant by February 1st for an assistantship beginning the next Fall term. 

Students admitted to a degree program may apply for a graduate assistantship by submitting the Graduate Assistantship Application (pdf). Students are encouraged to browse through the graduate assistantship positions and indicate a preference on their application.  We continue to accept student applications throughout the year as we sometimes add new assistantship opportunities after the initial publication of the list for the academic year.  The completed application may be submitted to the College of Graduate & Professional Studies office in East Ruffner, or emailed to greenbankbl@longwood.edu.

All applicants should be familiar with the Graduate Assistant Policy and Procedures.

How Do Assistantships Work?

Longwood University offers two categories of assistantships - Teaching Assistant and Academic/Research Assistant.  Under those two categories there are a variety of assistantship opportunities ranging from full-time to several types of part-time.  Below is a brief description of each category and of the various types.


  • Teaching Assistant - A graduate student who assists a faculty member who is the instructor of record for a course. The duties of such an appointment may include work in the classroom, in recitation sections, in laboratories, in online learning management systems, or in other learning settings. The Teaching Assistant (TA) may or may not be responsible for grading student assignments and for maintaining office hours.
  • Academic/Research Assistant - A graduate student with limited responsibility for the administrative and/or applied professional practice within an academic department or a University administrative unit. These positions may also include significant student or client interaction, collaborative research with faculty, and project planning and implementation.


  • Standard Full-Time Assistantship
    Student works 300 hours a semester (average 20 hours a week for 15 week semester)
    Student receives a scholarship for 9 credit hours of in-state tuition for the semester (must be registered for at least 9 hours)
    Student receives a stipend 

  • Standard Part-Time Assistantship
    Student works 150 hours a semester (average 10 hours a week for 15 week semester)
    Student receives a scholarship for 6 credit hours of in-state tuition for the semester (must be registered for at least 6 hours)
    Student receives a stipend 
  • Non-Standard Part-Time Assistantship
    Student works from 8 to 18 hours a week for 15 week semester
    Student may receive a scholarship for a portion of in-state tuition for the semester (must be registered for 1-9 hours) and/or a stipend