We want to see the talents you possess—from your creative process and initial sketches to your finished works. We want to see how you visualize your thinking, how you experiment with media and material, and how you push your work to the next level. We want to see works demonstrating the breadth and depth of your knowledge, abilities, and interests. The work should show evidence of your interest in design. It should show us who you are, where you are, and where you want to go. Don’t hold back. Take some risks. Put some diversity in your portfolio through subject matter, media, and material. Show us what you believe you can accomplish while here in the Graphic and Animation Design program of Longwood University.

We believe a creative portfolio can show us all the above. That is why we want to see a portfolio that showcases you as a creative thinker and maker. This is your prerequisite for entry into Longwood’s Graphic and Animation Design program. 

What do I include in my entry portfolio?

10 to 12 pieces of original work.

GAND Observational drawing portfolio examples (pdf)

Five to seven pieces must be observational drawings. These are drawings from direct observation that show a wide range of values, strong composition, and diversity of media. Observational drawings are drawings from direct observation of life (drawing from a real object, environment, or person, not from a photograph, magazine, or copied from a reproduction of another artist's work) that show a wide range of values, strong composition, and diversity of media. Observational drawings tell us a lot about what you are looking at, and how you interpret what you see.

  • Include projects that best indicate your abilities and thinking.
  • Treat each piece within your portfolio as a story.
  • You are welcome to include sketches that show how you developed selected works.
  • Show us your strengths.
  • Show us your thinking.
  • Show us personal projects, but choose wisely; avoid recycling the existing work of others.
  • Tell us why you included each work.

Please also provide a list of your achievements. These can include extracurricular activities, awards, community service, volunteer work, leadership positions, work experience, and other relevant accomplishments.

COVID-19 and its impact on opportunities to create art 

We understand that, due to COVID-19, you may not have had access to art classes, studios, summer programs, and other opportunities to create artwork. If this is the case, we highly encourage you to apply even if you feel your portfolio is not the caliber you desire. Our goal is to find students with high potential for success in our graphic and animation design program. 

How do I submit my portfolio? 

The requirements above should be saved as one PDF or PowerPoint Presentation and submitted online.

Who should I contact with questions?

If you have any questions about the portfolio, need assistance saving all files as one PDF, or would like to discuss the GAND program in general, please reach out to our dean of admissions, Jason "Ferg" Ferguson, M.S. '12.