Once you receive your acceptance to Longwood, you have the option of submitting a portfolio to be eligible for scholarship consideration.  

Deadline: February 1, 2019

Your Portfolio will include:

  • Scans of five to eight observational drawings and sketchbook pages
  • Seven reflective responses 
  • Optional work 
    • Graphic design
    • Short animations
    • Motion design
    • Two-dimensional work
    • Three-dimensional work 

Following submission of your completed portfolio, you will be eligible for one of our three $2,000 four-year renewable scholarships awarded to students with the most promising portfolios and reflective responses.

Deadline - February  1, 2019

The portfolio you create should be a digitized PowerPoint Portfolio.

  • 5-8 samples of work submitted through a PowerPoint or Google Slides Portfolio 
  • Responses to reflective questions 


Your portfolio should consist of five to eight samples of work. A total of at least five samples from Drawings and Sketchbooks is required. You also are welcome to submit optional work from the other categories provided.

Select pieces that best represent the quality of your work, your interests and experiences.

These works should show your technical and intellectual strengths:

  • Use of color
  • Line
  • Form 
  • Composition
  • Choice of subject and media
  • Variety and thoughtfulness


Submit your most recent work, but do not hesitate to include some older work that demonstrates your growth and problem-solving ability.

Show variety in your portfolio. Don’t build your portfolio around a single subject matter, such as all portraits, all logos or all drawings of animals.

Demonstrate your problem-solving skills and creative potential.

All works should be original. Do not include works that are derived from existing and/or copyrighted sources.

      Derivative works include:

  • Copies of Disney or other popular animated characters
  • Anime and manga characters
  • Comic book superheroes
  • Drawings of existing album covers
  • Portraits of celebrities


Observational Drawings

Your Observational Drawings and Sketchbook Pages are the two most important parts of your portfolio.

Observational Drawings are drawings from your direct observation of life and include:

  • A real object
  • Environment
  • Person  

Some Examples

  • Still lifes  
  • Portraits 
  • Figure drawings
  • Landscapes
  • Interior or exterior environments

Not Accepted - We will NOT accept Drawings from:

  • Photographs
  • Magazines
  • Copied reproductions of another artist’s work


Your Observational Drawings should reflect some diversity in media, such as:

  • Graphite
  • Charcoal
  • Conté crayon
  • Pastels
  • Colored pencil
  • Pen and Ink

Sketchbook Pages

Sketchbooks offer insights into your thinking and creative process.

Include good quality scanned pages from your most recent sketchbook. If possible, include pages that show the development of some of the finished work you have included in your portfolio. If this is not possible, include pages that show your particular interests and talents in graphic and animation design.

Consider including some pages that show the development of a finished work or works you have included in your portfolio.

Optional Work (in addition to the required Observational Drawings and Sketchbook pages)

  • Printmaking
  • Collage works
  • Paintings (demonstrate your sense of color and surface)
  • Three-dimensional works (exhibit use of form and spatial relationships, use of light and shadow, surface
    and composition)
  • Design projects (demonstrate your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These works should not be about what
    a computer can do, but what you can do as a creative and critical thinker) 
    • Include the URL if you have a website of your personal graphic and/or animation design
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • Time-based projects (demonstrate character and narrative development)

You are encouraged to show your individual aesthetic (do duplicate or manipulate from existing works).


Once you have selected the works to include in your portfolio, use the Powerpoint Portfolio Template 2017 (ppt). The template is the PowerPoint default screen size of 10” x 7.5 (720 pixels x 540 pixel).

  • Include the following information (there is a space provided on each slide for this information) for every sample of work:
    • Title of the work
    • Dimensions
    • Medium
    • Description
  • Place all Images into the PowerPoint template.
  • Size all images to fit within (but not necessarily fill) a 4.75” x 4.5” container


Google Slides 

You may use Google Slides, instead of Powerpoint.

If you do:

  • Choose the Standard 4:3 slide ratio found under File>Page Setup.
  • Click the blue Share button at the top right corner of Google Slides.
  • When prompted, add Professor Lough’s email address loughkw@longwood.edu in the “Enter Names or Email Addresses” box Share your Google Slides with Professor Lough.

Specifications (Scans and Photographs)

Flat Work 

      • All 3D work must be properly photographed
      • Scan all flat work at its actual size and at a resolution of 150 dpi (or ppt).
      • If your image has a resolution greater than 150 dpi, you can choose “compress” in the top menu bar under “format pictures” when you import your images into PowerPoint or Google Slides.
      • If your image is larger than the scanner bed, you will either need to scan the work in sections and reassemble it in Photoshop or photograph your work.
      • If you photograph your work, you will need to ensure it is properly lighted, white balanced and photographed flat.

If necessary, consult your design or art teacher for instructions.

Animation/ Time-based work


When you upload your animation to either YouTube or Vimeo, your animation will be automatically compressed. Be sure to send Professor Lough the link.

File Submission

When you have your PowerPoint ready to upload

  • Send your email to Professor Lough at loughkw@longwood.edu
  • Professor Lough will send you an invitation to upload your PowerPoint to Dropbox
  • Follow the Dropbox link and instructions to upload your file

Reflective Questions

Respond to each of the following questions. If possible, put your responses in a Word document; if not, put them into the body of an email to send to Professor Lough.

Your responses are due with the portfolio and should be emailed directly to loughkw@longwood.edu.

Give thoughtful and complete responses to the questions; there is no word limit.

      1. How might you contribute to the Graphic and Animation Design program at Longwood University?
      2. Choose a little-known designer or animator, past or present, who interests you and tell us what might happen if you had a chance to ask him/her three questions. What questions would you ask? What might you hope to learn?
      3. Tell us about an incident or time when you experienced failure, or challenged a belief or idea. How did it affect you? What would you do differently, if anything? What did you learn?
      4. Identify an activity that you completed as a group member. Include a description of the activity and your role. What did you learn from the experience? If you haven’t had this experience, how do you imagine your experience might unfold when it happens?
      5. Tell us about what motivates and inspires you.
      6. Describe some of your other interests. How do they inspire you and your work?
      7. Reflect on some of your short- and long-term goals.

Helpful Links

Longwood Graphic and Animation Department Page  

Graphic and Animation Design advising checklist (pdf)