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Online Resources



Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs



  • The Effects of Smoking on the Bodyby Healthline.  An interactive chart allowing the reader to pick the side effect they want to learn more about.
  • Smart Recovery
  • NCI QuitPal
    Interactive app uses proven quit strategies to assist with giving up smoking. Set goals, track daily habits, view progress, connect with social networks, and receive motivational reminders. QuitPal was developed using the latest evidence-based smoking cessation methods and behavior change theory.
  • QuitGuide  Whether you are thinking about quitting, preparing to quit, or working to stay quit, keep the information you need to stay on track at your fingertips.
  • SmokefreeTXT  A mobile service designed for young adults across the United States. SmokefreeTXT was created to provide 24/7 encouragement, advice, and tips to help smokers stop smoking for good.
  • Text Messaging Resource for Veterans who want to stop smoking
    The Veterans Health Administration and National Cancer Institute have launched a new text messaging resource to help veterans stop smoking. SmokefreeVET is a free service that provides 24/7 support, tips, and encouragement to veterans that want to quit smoking. Veterans can sign up by texting VET to IQUIT (47848) from their mobile phones or visit the website.

Other Drugs


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 Eating Disorders


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Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, & Stalking


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