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How Can I Help?

  • Believe the person and accept what you are hearing.
  • Listen without judging and let the person tell the story at his/her own pace.
  • Ask them what he/she wants you to do for them.
  • Provide comfort and support for the person on his/her terms.
  • Encourage him/her to seek medical attention.
  • Reinforce that the sexual assault was not their fault.
  • Suggest calling one of the support resources available. This does not mean that he/she must report the sexual assault to the police.
  • Remember that someone who has been sexually assaulted has just experienced a very traumatic event. Reactions may vary from moment to moment.
  • Validate the person's feelings (Any or all reactions are normal)
  • REMEMBER: ANYONE can be sexually assaulted
  • If YOU are having difficulties communicating with the person or coping with your own feelings about the assault, then seek help yourself.