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How Can I Prevent Sexual Assault?

How can I reduce my risk of being sexually assaulted by someone I know?

  • Communicate your sexual limits clearly and firmly. If you sense a conflict between your sexual expectations and those of your partner, discuss them. Remember, you don't need to change your expectations just to please your partner.
  • Be Assertive! Don't be afraid to appear foolish or unsophisticated if you aren't ready for a sexual relationship. Many college students choose NOT to be sexually active. Be aware of the growing use of "date rape drugs". Don't accept beverages from open containers and don't leave your drink unattended.
  • Be aware that even a small amount of alcohol can make you vulnerable to sexual assault. If you know you will be drinking, plan ahead and make arrangements to get home safely.


How can I reduce my risk of being sexually assaulted by a stranger?

  • Walk with others when possible or call Campus Police for an escort if you feel unsafe (434.395.2091). When you must walk alone, stay on well-lit paths. Walk and act confidently, even if you're feeling nervous.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings; if you sense danger, don't ignore it. Try to get away or seek help.
  • Be willing to scream or yell if someone attempts to assault you; don't be afraid of calling attention to your situation.
  • If you're followed, don't go home. Go to the nearest police station or public place (then call the police).
  • Make sure your doors and windows are locked. 


Are some people more likely to commit sexual assault than others?

People who exhibit certain traits are more likely to be sexually aggressive than those who don't. Be cautious of those who:

  • Don't listen to you or who ignore what you say
  • Invade your personal space
  • Express hostility or anger toward people in general
  • Try to make you feel guilty or accuse you of being "uptight" or "frigid" if you resist sexual overtures
  • Tell you that sex is proof of love
  • Act jealous or possessive


What can we do to prevent sexual assault?

  • Challenge jokes by others about rape, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment.
  • Consider how images of sexualized violence have shaped attitudes about women and sexuality.
  • Don't confuse friendliness with sexual invitation.
  • Listen to and respect other's request to stop sexual activity.
  • Be supportive of friends who say they've been sexually assaulted.
  • Support efforts to end sexual assault and join them to end violence in general.
  • Report any possession of Gamma Hydroxyburic Acid (GHB) and make your intention to do so clear
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol and the misuse of drugs