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Incoming Students

Need to Know Information for Students

  • Immunization records must be returned to the Student Health and Wellness Center by July 10. You will not be able to register for the next semester's classes until this is turned in.
  • The SHWC is open from 8:15am-5pm, Monday through Friday. If you are sick, hurt, or have any health issue, call or stop by to make an appointment to see us.
    • Only you can make an appointment to see us. We work by appointments, not walk-ins and we do not write excuses for missing class.
    • SHWC is not an Emergency Department, if you have a medical emergency call 911
    • If you feel you need to be seen for a non-emergency when we are closed and you cannot wait until we are open again you can go to the local Emergency Department at Centra Southside Community Hospital, your Primary Care Provider or Urgent Care Center at home.
  • All visits are confidential. There is no blanket release form for any medical information. If you want us to share information with your family you must sign a release form for that visit only.
  • There is NO CHARGE for office visits. You should, however, have a copy of your health insurance info if prescriptions, lab tests, or referrals are needed.
  • You will be seen by a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant who can perscribe most medications you require.
  • Prescriptions must be filled at a local pharmacy (Clarks, Rite-Aid, CVS, Wal-Mart, or Farmville Pharmacy)
  • If you take medications regularly, you alone are responsible for them. You should consider having a lock box for them in your room. The only personal medication kept at the SHWC is Allergy serum administed by SHWC.
  • We recommend that you bring a first-aid/self-care kit to school, for suggetions check out the Student Survival Kit link

Clinical and Health Education Visits are included in the students' comprehensive fee. There is no pharmacy or specialty care on campus.  If a student needs a prescription filled or is referred to an outside clinician,they will be responsible for the associated costs.  Below is a list of common services available at SHWC, some of which may have an extra charge. 



Monthly Allergy Injections $50.00 per Semester paid before first injection
Twice a month Allergy Injection $100.00 as above
3 or 4 times a month $150.00 as above
More than 4 times per month $200.00 as above
Other Per Visit or Possible Fees  
PPD - when serum is available $35
Convenience fee for administration of some injections prescribed by others $5.00 (Check with SHWC on types allowed)
Crutches loaned  $30.00 replacement fee if lost or damaged

Labaratory Tests Sent to Offsite Lab (Labcorp, or Centra Lab)

billed to insurance or directly to student
Labaratory Tests Completed Onsite no charge
Flu Shot

no charge


Student Survival Kit
Suggested Items

3/4" Band-aids
Hydrogen Peroxide
1" medical tape
Gauze sponges
Cotton balls
Bacitracin ointment
Hydrocortisone cream
3" Ace
® bandage
Hot/cold pack
Digital thermometer 
® (or generic)
® (or generic)
® (or generic)
Pepto Bismol
® (or generic)
® (or generic)
® (or generic)
Fingernail clippers
Instant soup
Sugar/salt packets
Tea bags
Antibacterial soap
Sting relief ointment
Lip balm