Longwood University Health Center's Mission

In congruence with Longwood's mission to develop students as citizen leaders, the Longwood University Health Center (LUHC) is committed to providing health care services, education and leadership uniquely designed to meet the developmental and educational needs of University students, and to enhance the quality of life for all members of the Longwood community, including faculty and staff.

Who is Eligible to Use the University Health Center (UHC)?

Enrolled students who have paid the comprehensive fee and who provide a complete immunization record within the timeframe required by law. Students are seen for health problems/ concerns by appointment. Call (434)395-2102 for an appointment with a clinician.  We make every effort to provide timely access to care.  For medical emergencies, call 911.

Clinicians at the University Health Center (UHC) evaluate and treat common health problems such as:

  • bronchitis
  • ear infections
  • strep throat
  • flu
  • mono
  • urinary infections
  • sexually transmitted infections
  • headaches
  • allergy symptoms
  • skin rashes
  • colds
  • pinkeye
  • minor burns
  • uncomplicated mental health issues
  • osteopathic manipulation 

For patients with complex chronic medical problems, it is in the best interest of the student to continue with their primary care or specialty provider. We will assist with the management of chronic health issues on a case to case basis.

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is available on a limited, appointment-only basis to provide in-depth psychiatric care and medication monitoring.

Who will I see if I come to the University Health Center?

  • The Center operates under the overall clinical direction of a licensed physician who functions as the Medical Director and sees patients in the clinic.
  • Advanced Practice Clinicians assess and treat many common acute health conditions affecting the college health population, which may also be seen in a family physician's office. Some health problems will be referred to the emergency department or a local physician or health care specialist. Clinicians consult with the Medical Director as indicated.

Do I need an appointment?

We do encourage you to make an appointment to help keep the Student Health Center (SHC) moving efficiently and effectively. By making an appointment students will decrease their wait time to see a provider.

Call (434) 395-2102 to schedule an appointment or visit our Student Health web portal. We accept walk-ins upon availability and will make every effort to provide timely access to care.

See our Attendance Policy

How much will it cost me to see a clinician?

The University Health Center (UHC) fee is automatically included in the comprehensive fee collected with your tuition at the beginning of the semester. There is no charge to see a clinician. However, noncovered office visits and laboratory procedures will be charged to your personal or family health insurance. This may result in a minor fee being billed to students. Off-site services such as prescriptions, visits to the emergency department or other health providers, hospitalization, injections, and laboratory tests etc...are the student's responsibility.

Does the university have an insurance policy that I can purchase?

The University does NOT have its own insurance policy that students can purchase.

What accommodations are available for those with asthma/allergies and those who have concerns regarding air quality?

Students who have asthma/allergy conditions or those concerned about general air quality may find that window air conditioning units and central air in air-conditioned residence halls are not sufficient. Students with asthma/allergies or those concerned about general air quality may purchase and bring an LU approved, freestanding, vent-free air purification device for personal use.

Do you write "excuses" for missed classes or employment?

The University Health Center (UHC) does NOT write medical excuses. We will provide documentation as part of recommended treatment in very limited instances when staff deems it is necessary that a student needs to be out of classes.

We do have a checkout slip that is available at the time of checkout and upon request.  This form includes; date, time of visit and will be signed by a University Health employee to verify the visit. This is not an “excuse”, it is up to each individual professor whether or not the absence is excused.  Students need to contact each of their professors individually to make them aware of their situation and to follow up on any missed work to make up.

Do you manage ADD/ADHD meds?

Providers of LUHC will consider assisting the students' PCP with writing prescriptions on a case by case basis. To be considered for this service, a copy of psychological evaluation complete in the past 3 years and physician records must first be obtained.) Visit our Services page fro more information. 

What do I do if I have an emergency?

In a case of emergency, please call 911 or Campus Police at 434-395-2091.

Are my visits to the Student Health Center (SHC) confidential?

No one has access to your records without written permission from you. The only exception would be by law. If parents or faculty call, information cannot be shared without the student's written consent. ALL visits made to the University Health Center are kept strictly confidential.

Do you give allergy shots?

Allergy shots are available for a fee. Students requiring allergy shots are responsible for providing their serum and medical order from their doctor.

Are immunizations required?

YES! Please return all required record by your Orientation date or University deadline.