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HLTH160. Basic Emergency Care/First Aid

This course will enable the student to acquire the essential skills to perform basic first aid. Knowledge and skill gained will lead to certifications in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and automatic external defibrillator. 1 credit.

HLTH201. Intro to Health Ed & Promotion

An introduction to the health education profession in the PK-12 school system and a variety of public health settings. Focuses on the role of a health education specialist and the Whole School Whole Community Whole Child in affecting positive changes in students and specific cultural populations by addressing health risk behaviors while examining effective assessment and teaching methodologies. Provides observation opportunities of health education in local schools and the surrounding community. Pre-requisites: Health and Physical Education major and overall grade point average of at least 2.0.

HLTH205. Health and Wellness

Focusing on the application of scientific facts and principles to current health issues, this course is designed to help foster intelligent decision-making in the areas of health needs and health behaviors. 3 credits.

HLTH210. Global Health

An examination of the core functions of public health and its role in supporting the health of diverse populations with unique cultures, burdens, and needs across the globe. G09. FHBS, WI. 3 credits.

HLTH215. Physical Activity and Health

This course examines the effect of physical activity on health and diseases. Patterns and trends in physical activity are also covered as well as understanding and promoting physical activity in a variety of populations/settings. Prerequisite: PHED 101. 3 credits.

HLTH260. Emergency Care and First Aid

Emergency care procedures necessary to sustain life and maintain life support until the victims of an accident or sudden illness are cared for by more qualified medical personnel. Knowledge and skill gained will lead to certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. 3 credits.

HLTH275. Medical Terminology

An on-line course designed to familiarize students entering the public health field with the fundamentals of medical terminology and to provide them with the skills to learn information easily and quickly. 3 credits.

HLTH295. Special Topics, Health

Selected topics in health education. The topics will vary from semester to semester. Descriptions will be available from academic advisors. May be repeated for credit when topics change. 1-3 credits.

HLTH301. Foundations of Traffic Safety

Foundation of Traffic Safety is the first of two courses required by the Virginia Department of Education for an endorsement in driver education. The intent of this course is to develop a thorough understanding of the highway transportation system, the complexity of the driving task, factors contributing to the performance of highway users, and attitudes and skills necessary to develop competent drivers. It will also provide prospective teachers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively deliver the course content as presented in the Administrative and Curriculum Guide for Driver Education for Virginia. 3 credits.

HLTH302. Instr Prin Meth Clsrm In Car

Principles and Methodologies of Classroom and In-Car Instruction is the second of two courses required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for endorsement in driver education. This course provides students with an overview of teaching methods and effective practices for driver education instruction. Emphasis is placed on program organization and administration, classroom instruction, single car instruction, multiple-car range instruction, simulation and evaluation. Focus is also placed on teaching skills. The course includes a minimum of 14 hours of behind-the-wheel supervised teaching experiences. 3 credit hours. Prerequisite: HLTH 301 and a valid Virginia driver's license and driving experience.

HLTH313. Drugs and Human Behavior

An examination of drug use and abuse in today's society. Emphasis is placed on prevention and strategies for the learner while providing accurate, up-to-date information concerning human biology, sociological principles, and the pharmacological nature of drugs. 3 credits.

HLTH314. Human Sexuality

An examination of the biological, psychological, cultural and behavioral aspects of sexuality with emphasis on providing the student with practical and meaningful information pertaining to the human sexuality and family life while encouraging the development of responsible sexual behaviors and attitudes. 3 credits.

HLTH315. Promoting Mental Health

This course provides an overview on mental health conditions with a focus on coping strategies and mental health challenges. Prevalence, symptoms, and prevention or reduction of symptoms for common mental health issues will be addressed. In addition, efforts geared toward existing resources and advocacy efforts are covered. 3 credits.

HLTH325. Human Diseases

A study of communicable and chronic diseases with regards to disease description, etiology, signs and symptoms, diagnostic procedures, treatment, prognosis and prevention. 3 credits. SP

HLTH335. Nutrition

This course examines the principles of normal human nutrition applied to various stages in life, especially as they relate to disease prevention, fitness, and weight control. Factors that influence human nutrition needs and eating patterns are also covered. 3 credits.

HLTH340. Pharmacology

The emphasis of this course is on legal and illegal drug use in the world today. Topics will include indications, contraindications, and effects of commonly used non-prescription and prescription medicines, erogenic aids and the use of illegal substances in athletics, and neurophysiology and pharmacology as it relates to the effects of drugs on the body. 2 credits.

HLTH345. Selected Health Topics

An in-depth examination of timely health issues such as stress management, aging, and death and dying, which have physical, psychological and sociological implications for one's overall health status. 3 credits.

HLTH390. Directed or Independent Study

Must be approved by the head of the department. May be repeated as 391. 1-18 credits.

HLTH391. Directed Study

HLTH392. Internship in Health Education

A semester-long, on-the-job learning experience designed to apply the principles of health education. 1-18 credits.

HLTH392. Internship in Health Education

A semester-long, on-the-job learning experience designed to apply the principles of health education. 1-18 credits.

HLTH400. Environmental Health

The study of the environment as it relates to the total well being of the individual with special emphasis on the threats to human health posed by the degradation of the environment. Environmental diseases/illnesses attributed to toxic substances, metals, pesticides, food additives and contaminants, radiation, noise, and infectious agents will be addressed. 3 credits.

HLTH405. Practicum

Supervised field experience in community health education setting. 1-3 credits.

HLTH430. Women's Health Issues

An examination of women's health problems, their prevention and treatment. 3 credits.

HLTH461. Health Seminar

HLTH465. Comprehensv Sch Hlth Educ

This course focuses on teaching health education in the PreK-12 school setting. A specific examination of various methodologies, pedagogy, assessments, planning, and instructional strategies will be covered. A supervised practicum experience is required. Pre-requisite: Admission to the teacher education program or permission of instructor. 4 credits.

HLTH490. Independent Study

Individualized study. 1-18 credits.

HLTH492. Internship in Health Education

A semester-long, on-the-job learning experience designed to apply the principles of health education. 1-18 credits.

HLTH495. Special Topics in Health

Selected topics in health which will vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change. 1-3 credits.

HLTH498. Honors Research

Students conduct research in health under the direction of a faculty member and the Senior Honors Research Committee. May be repeated as 499. 3 credits. WR.

HLTH499. Honors Research in Health Educ

Students conduct research in health under the direction of a faculty member and the Senior Honors Research Committee. 3 credits.