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Meeting Information

Meetings are every other Sunday at 9:30 pm in the meeting room on first floor Wheeler.  All honors students, faculty, and staff are welcomed and encouraged to attend.


This Year in the Honor Student Association

-We are offering an abundance of service events, including cleaning up our campus, trips to the SPCA and playing Bingo with the residents of The Woodland (a retirement community).

-In the fall semester, HSA hosts a campus wide masquerade ball called Faces for F.A.C.E.S..  Admission is two canned goods for the local food pantry (F.A.C.E.S.).  The event is hugely successful and we were able to donate over 200 non-perishable items to F.A.C.E.S.

-We have creative fund raising events such as campus wide scavenger hunts with different themes (the last one was Harry Potter and the next one will be Disney Movies) and glow in the dark games outside.

-Relay for Life!  Honors is very active this year and has established a Relay for Life Team for the campus-wide event taking place on April 20th.  We are the second highest fundraising team on campus this year!

-Distinguished members of the Honor Student Association will have the opportunity to attend a camping and kayaking trip at the end of the semester.

Here is a reminder of how to become a distinguished member

Key definition:  Activity Points - Members will receive one point for attending general body and scheduled committee meetings.  Members will receive two points for volunteering at an HSA sponsored event. A member can earn one point for volunteering at an event sponsored by another organization, but they can only earn up to a total of three points for this service. All such non-HSA service work must be documented by a signed form.


General members do not pay dues and do not have voting privileges.  They may attend meetings and any HSA activity, but they will not be awarded activity points for doing so.


Active members pay dues and have voting privileges. To be "active," members must earn at least 11 activity points each semester.   


Distinguished members pay dues and have voting privileges.  To be "distinguished," members must earn at least 17 activity points each semester.  These members are eligible to attend a retreat at the end of the academic year.  In order to attend the retreat, at least one active semester and one distinguished semester must have been completed.