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Available Study Abroad Opportunities Through Longwood University

Morocco:  Study an Honors section of HIST 483 in Morocco during the summer

Spain/ Ireland/Costa Rica: Practicum II is offered every year in locations abroad during the summer.

Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Costa Rica, Spain, and China: (ESL and English) The second half of student teaching (7.5 weeks of student teaching) of either fall or spring semester.

Thailand/Malaysia: A trip to Thailand/Malaysia is available for ECON 495 during the summer intersession.

Greece and Spain: a month-long trip to Greece and Spain is available during the summer that satisfies FOUR general education goals.

England: Study CRIM 295 in England during Winter Intersession or King Arthur and the Culture of Chivalry with ENGL 431/531

London: Study sport in London during Winter Intersession while taking SOCL/KINS 295

Costa Rica: Study ECON 495 during Winter Intersession

Exchange Programs

**These are only a few of the opportunities offered through Longwood. Available countries, courses, and credit-hours earned are subject to change. If you find a program not offered at Longwood, inquire at the International Studies office for more information.**