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Current Students

Honors Courses

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The Cormier Honors College expects to be able to fund travel, meals and lodging for students whose work is accepted for upcoming honors conferences. Don't delay - abstracts are relatively short, but they can't be written, reviewed and submitted at the last minute.

Future & Past conference information



If you are interested in enhancing one of your non-honors courses, talk to your professor and turn an enhancement proposition to the honors office.

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Need financial help?  View a list of honors scholarship opportunities


Honors Requirements

  • Complete 8 Honors courses before graduation
    • Three must be 300 level or above
    • Multiple honors courses can be taken simultaneously
    • Honors English 400 and Honors Longwood Seminar are required
      • Honors 202 may be substituted for Honors Longwood Seminar for students entering the Honors College after the first semester
  • Make good progress by completing an Honors course at least every other semester
  • Maintain a 3.25 GPA in Honors coursework
  • Maintain a 3.25 GPA overall
  • Complete a Longwood approved, credit-bearing study abroad program 
  • Complete a senior-level e-portfolio 

These curricular components are signatures of the CHC; they provide students with important international experience as well as meaningful, integrative, upper-level work.


Honors Student Association

Find out more about the Honors Student Association and who to contact with your suggestions or concerns.