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Sample Enhancement Proposal


Student Name: Alecia N. Allen
Student E-mail: alecia.allen@live.longwood.edu
Campus ID number: L0023456
Professor: Dr. James W. Jordan
Professor E-mail: jordanjw@longwood.edu
Course number in which enhancement applies: Anthropology 314-01
CRN number for course: 30061

Course title: Indians of North America
Number of Credits: 3
Academic Term: Spring 2010
Describe below how you will enhance the course, including a brief description of the subjects covered in the course and what activities or assignment(s) you intend to complete (i.e., length of paper, kind of presentation, etc).

"Indians of North America" is a course focused on Native Americans, their aboriginal arrival into the Americas, as well as their lifestyles, cultures, and practices today. Since my major at Longwood is Pre-Medicine, I would like to focus my research on the medical aspect of these people's lives. I wish to review their medical backgrounds, their diseases before and after European contact, and their practices to cure these illnesses. Centering my work on artifacts uncovered during Longwood archaeological digs at the Staunton River site over the past four years, my major task will involve making a comprehensive listing of those artifacts which had possibly been used for medical purposes.  This honors level research would build on work I have completed in other Anthropology courses, especially on my two summers' participation in digs at that site.  A summary of my analyses and findings would be presented to the class at the end of the semester and at the Southern Regional Honors Conference in April.

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This is a sample enhancement. If you are interested in enhancing one of your non-honors courses, talk to your professor and turn an enhancement proposal to the honors office.