Apartment Registration Update

The partial occupancy form will be available in the student housing gateway https://rms.longwood.edu:446/page/studenthousinggateway on Feb. 20 and Feb. 21. 

Any student that would like to be assigned to a Longwood managed apartment space at Lancer Park, Lancer Park North & South, or the Landings should submit the partial occupancy form. 

Submissions will be rank ordered by earned credit hours. 

Once a student is assigned to a housing space, the student will receive a confirmation of assignment to their Longwood email account. 

Additional apartment housing space is still available for assignment due to apartments not being selected during the registration process, open spaces in RA apartments, and from students withdrawing at the end of the semester. 

Currently, there are open apartments available at Lancer Park, Lancer Park North/South and the Landings.