Friday, October 13                 Residential Communities Close at 6:00pm
Tuesday, October 17              Residential Communities Re-Open at 12noon

University-managed residential facilities are considered CLOSED during this break period. 

If you have any questions, ask your RA or REC/Community Supervisor right away.


If you are to register to stay, you are agreeing to comply with the following expectations:

- All residents of University-managed housing, wishing to stay during the recognized break period, must complete the ON-LINE registration form.

- By completing this form you will be provided uninterrupted ID card access (where applicable) and will provide Campus Police with a record of occupancy.

- I understand that if I plan to stay in my assigned room/apartment during the break period, my name must be included on a "registered to stay" report that RCL provides to Campus Police.

- I will assist in helping to communicate this requirement to other residents living within my room/suite/apartment.

- While on university property, I agree to carry a photo ID and will present it at the request of any Longwood University official.

- I understand that this break registration arrangement with Residential & Commuter Life and Longwood University is intended for my personal accommodation.      

- I am responsible for my actions and campus property in my dwelling during this break period. I understand that the Honor Code and all other campus policies remain in effect and that any violations will result in student conduct and/or law enforcement action.

- I understand that all residence halls will remain LOCKED (24/7) during the break and that my Longwood ID card will still operate the card reader(s) to my assigned building.

- I understand that Chick-fil-A and Moe’s accepts bonus dollars, Lancer cash, cash and credit. 

- I am also aware of the following break schedule, as published by Longwood Dining Services:

Friday, October 13: Dining Hall, Lancer Café, and Java City close at 2pm; Moe’s (11am-8pm); Chick-fil-A (7:30am-9pm). Outta Here & P.O.D. Market closed.Tuesday,

October 17: Chick-fil-A (7:30am-9pm); Moe’s (11am-11pm); Dining Hall (5pm-8pm), Lancer Café (5pm-midnight), and P.O.D. Market (5pm-midnight). Java City and Outta Here closed until 10/18.

- Regular hours of operation resume on Wednesday, October 18. Visit for up-to-date hours and information.

- Thursday, October 12: Outta Here closes at 3pm; P.O.D. Market closes at midnight.

- I understand that residence hall rooms and apartments are subject to entry during the break; limited work orders and/or facility safety inspections could occur.

- I understand that all students should continue practicing personal safety habits during the break. I should always be aware of my campus and community surroundings.

- I know that I can dial 434.395-2091 for general assistance from Campus Police or 911 for an emergency.      

If I see something, I will say something – I’ll call Campus Police immediately to report a suspicious or concerning situation.

To register to stay, please use the Student Housing Gateway to do so beginning Friday, September 15th.