In case of bad weather...

  • If pending
    Check Longwood's homepage, call 434-395-2000, or listen to the Radio Stations listed on the right for updates.
  • If happening and you're on campus
    Talk to your Family and determine if you should travel. If you do not feel it is safe to travel, speak with your friends to determine if you can stay with a friend for the evening. If none of these options are available, contact the RCL office and we will work with you on additional steps you can take. It is recommended that during stormy seasons commuters carry a blanket, change of clothes, and any personal items which would make the overnight stay more comfortable.
  • If happening and you're not on campus
    It is recommended that you use your personal judgment when determining whether to travel.  We advise commuters to talk with individual professors on how they handle attendance for inclement weather days.
  • Winter Safety Tips (pdf)

Find out about closings

  • Blackstone
    WKLV/WBBC 93.5 FM
  • Charlottesville
    WCHV 1260 AM
    WWWW 97.5 FM
    WINA 1070 AM
    WQMZ 95.1 FM
    WKAV 1400 AM
  • Richmond
    WKIK 104.7 FM
    WKHL 95.3 FM
    WSVS 800 AM
    WRVA 1140 AM
    WRVQ 94 FM
    WRXL 102.1 FM
  • Lawrenceville
    WLES 580 AM
  • Lynchburg
    WYYD 108 FM
  • Crewe
    WKIK 104.7 FM
    WKHL 95.3 FM
    WSVS 800 AM
  • Farmville
    WFLO 95.7 FM
  • Television


In case the university is unable to offer you an overnight accommodation, the following hotels are in town:

  • Comfort Inn: 434.392.8163
  • Days Inn: 434.392.6611
  • Hampton Inn: 434.392.8826
  • Super 8 Hotel 434.392.8196