What's in my Campus Room?

The following are items that are provided to Main Campus residents.

  • Each resident is provided:
    • extra long twin bed (bunkable) with mattress (most are 36" x 80")
    • desk (top is 25"x43") & chair
    • dresser (20"x35" top)
    • closet space for hanging clothes
    • Internet access
  • Each room has:
    • window shades or blinds
    • tile or hardwood flooring
    • overhead lighting (not in Longwood Landings)
    • smoke detector
    • basic cable TV connection
  • Each bathroom has:
    • Shower curtains are not provided

Note: Bed parts can be dismantled and stored in the closet or elsewhere in the room. University furniture may not be removed from student rooms or from the premises of campus. University furniture must be positioned and used in a manner consistent with their intended purpose and design. Raising the height of a bedspring by "flipping" head and footboards or positioning them on blocks of any kind is also prohibited.

What's in my Apartment Unit?

The following are items that are provided to Longwood Managed Apartment residents.

  • Each resident is provided:
    • Private Bedroom (with lock)
    • Full sized bed  (Note:  Landings has XL Full (53x80) and Longwood Village C-Room will be equipped with (2) twin size beds.)
    • desk & chair
    • dresser closet space for hanging clothes
    • window with shade
    • wall to wall carpet
    • basic cable TV connection (in each bedroom)
    • Internet access
  • Each Unit has:
    • window with shade or blind
    • wall to wall carpet
    • overhead lighting
    • smoke detector(s)
    • basic cable TV connection (in the living room)
    • shared kitchen
    • Full size refrigerator & freezer
    • dishwasher (not available in Lancer Park Individual Apartments)
    • Landings use Laundromat on 1st floor of SW (Subway) Building. Lancer Park North and South units are located on each floor but not in individual apartments.
    • kitchen table and 4 chairs (except studios & 2 BR apartments)
    • Couch
    • Arm Chair
    • End table(s) & Coffee table
  • Each bathroom is semi-private.

Note: Bed parts can be dismantled and stored in the closet or elsewhere in the room. University furniture may not be removed from student rooms or from the premises of campus. University furniture must be positioned and used in a manner consistent with their intended purpose and design. Raising the height of a bedspring by "flipping" head and footboards or positioning them on blocks of any kind is also prohibited.

What Responsibilities do I have for my Room / Unit?

Residents are responsible for the care and cleanliness of their assigned personal room and common areas within their suite/apartment/townhouse. If you wish to put up decorations in your rooms, please know that you will be responsible for any changes in the walls from the condition they were in when you checked in. We recommend using only push-pins to minimize the damage to the walls. Residents are also responsible for the cleanliness of the exterior area immediately around the townhouse. This includes any litter found in the immediate area. Please do not put any large items in front of the AC return units. It will damage the air conditioner.

Note: All university provided furnishings must remain in the assigned room. Removal of any furnishings will result in judicial charges and financial assessment for replacement/damages. Structural modification to the furniture or amenities is not permitted.

What is a Loft?

A loft is simply defined as "a bunk bed with no lower bed." This OPTIONAL type of elevated, freestanding structure allows the student to have more floor space. Lofts are only permitted in main campus residence halls.

Lofts, if constructed of wood, must be treated with a flame retardant coating. This product is available at paint/hardware stores**. Timbernest is a company that offers students a metal loft rental or purchase program. Go to www.timbernest.com/college_accounts/ , select Longwood University and enter the code LS62.  View the SAVE SPACE with a TimberNest Loft Bed brochure (pdf).

**Sherwin Williams in Farmville will order "Flame Control 40-40" for loft treatment. The current cost for this special order is approximately $57.99 per gallon (shipping and handling included). The original color is off white, however it can be tinted with 13 standard colors and pastels. Because it is special order receiving the product will take 3-5 business days. For more info dial 434-392-6541. 

What's the Temperature like in my Room / Unit?

Main Campus

First, please keep in mind that the weather in south central Virginia can quickly change. For that reason, we don't keep a strict date for our annual changeover from heating to cooling (and back). The majority of our building HVAC systems operate in either heating or cooling mode and it takes 48 hours to complete a changeover.

Actual system changeover is based on long-range weather forecasts. As outside high temperatures fall below 55 degrees, mechanical cooling systems are shut down. Normally, the "daily life" of an occupied building (residents, lighting, computers, showers, etc.) generates enough heat to stay comfortable if daytime temperatures stay around 55 degrees. If the forecast shows consistent temperatures below 55 degrees, building heating systems are activated.

Unpredictable autumn temperatures make changeover decisions difficult, especially if a warming trend is forecast after an early cold snap. When temperatures are expected below 32 degrees, water must be drained from outside cooling equipment to prevent freezing damage. Similarly, a few warm days in spring might make a building uncomfortable before it's safe to shut down the heating plant (and start the air-conditioning) for the season.

Our air conditioned buildings (Curry, Frazer, South Ruffner and ARC) are heated and cooled with water loop line systems - room fans blowing across pipes filled with hot water (during cold weather) or filled with cold water (when it's hot). This is economical and works well, although we appreciate your patience for the few weeks each year when we're "in-between" seasons. During those times you might be more comfortable just opening your window or utilizing a personal fan.


Each apartment unit contains a thermostat to adjust the temperature. Students do not have to pay utilities (unless their bills are higher than the average monthly reading), however you are encouraged to keep all windows and doors shut unless the thermostat is off, this will raise your bill and you and your housemates will be responsible for the difference.

Where do I do Laundry?

Coin and Lancer Card-operated washers and dryers are located in each main campus residence hall.
Lancer Park and Longwood Village apartments are furnished with a washer and dryer at no additional cost.
Lancer Park North and South washer/dryer units are located on each floor, but not in each individual apartment unit.
The Landings washer/dryer units are located in a centralized, Laundromat (with card access for Landings residents only) on the 1st floor of SW (Subway) Building Southwest (Subway) building. There is no additional operating cost for the Landings and Lancer Park North and South for Washer/Dryer use.
Please also check out the newest guidelines for laundry (pdf).

What's a Room Condition Report?

The Room Condition Report (RCR) documents the condition of your room when you move in. Every residential Longwood student (including the apartment dwellers) must complete an RCR upon arrival for Fall classes. Plan to immediately and carefully complete this form before moving your personal items into the room. Return this paperwork to your RA.

The RCR will be used as a tool to measure the condition of the room when you move out. If undocumented damages that are determined to be beyond "normal wear and tear" are present, you will be held financially responsible.

A RCL staff member has done a preliminary check of each room but it is your responsibility to conduct a more thorough appraisal of your room. Go over each item point by point, and add notes as necessary. Your RA will not sign your RCR until your additions are verified.

We recommended the following areas for your review:

  • Windows:do they open/close easily, are there cracks, etc.
  • Screens:are there holes, is it secured on the frame, is it missing?
  • Blinds:do they open/close easily, are the slats bent, are they missing, and is the turn wand broken or missing?
  • Walls, floors:are there stains; are there stickers on the ceiling or walls, tape marks, chips in the paint?
  • Doors:are there dart holes, chips in the wood, peephole cracked or missing, door knob loose or won't lock?
  • Closet doors:do they open/close easily, tape marks, hooks or shelves built in?
  • Electrical/network outlets:do they work, are the outlet covers secured?
  • Furniture: is it in good condition and functional?

What if there is a Facility or Housekeeping problem?

For non-emergency facility and housekeeping needs, you can submit a work order. Call your service desk, RA, or the campus police if there is ongoing damage.

What if my Phone/Cable/Internet stops working?

Do not submit a regular work order for IT issues. For details on handling a phone, cable, or internet issue, follow these instructions at the Help Desk.

What kind of support and supervision will be provided to students in the residence halls?

Residence Education Coordinators (RECs) are live-in Student Affairs professionals who hold a Masters degree in a student-development related field. RECs manage each residential community and supervise a trained staff of Resident Assistants (RAs) and an Office Manager (OM).

Residential and Commuter Life employs:  

  • Assistant Dean of Residential & Commuter Life
  • Director of Housing
  • Director of Residential Programs
  • Associate Director of Residential Operations
  • Assistant Director of Occupancy Management  
  • Coordinator
  • Student Staff (Includes resident assistants, desk supervisors, desk aides and office aides).

The ratio of residential program staff to students is approximately 1 trained staff member to every 18 students. To find out more visit the Staff page.

What will be in the Clubhouse(s)?

Lancer Park "Commons":

  • Study Area/Meeting Space
  • Video Game Room
  • TV
  • Fitness Center
  • Lighted Volleyball and Basketball Courts
  • Picnic Area
  • ARAMARK Food P.O.D.

Longwood Landings "Clubhouse":

  • Study Area
  • Game Table(s)
  • TV

Longwood Village "Clubhouse":

  • Study Area
  • Game Table(s)
  • TV
  • Fitness Center
  • Theater Room
  • Pool

Note: These Clubhouse Amenities are only available to the residents of the respective complexes.