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Application Process

Approximately 700 students work on campus in the University's library, offices, laboratories, computer center, academic departments, food service areas, athletic facilities, post office, and other departments.

Job Placement

Incoming freshmen are required to work in the Food Service Areas during their first year. After fulfilling this "First Year Requirement" students may seek positions in other areas of interest.

Upper classmen may apply for positions related to areas of interest.

How to apply for positions:

  • Review the listings in CareerConnect
  • If the position is listed as Federal Work Study (FWS), verify eligibility with the Financial Aid Office
  • Be sure you qualify for position - once hired you may not change jobs until the end of the semester
  • You may be employed in only one job on campus during a semester
  • Complete a Student Employment Data Sheet and verify eligibility for federal work-study
  • Contact prospective employers and schedule interviews

Once hired, there are required documents which must be submitted to your supervisor.

A student will not be placed on payroll or paid for any hours worked until your Work Authorization has been approved by the Student Employment Coordinator. The student's supervisor will be notified when the Work Authorization is approved so the student may begin work.



A student may be assigned only one job and is expected to work in that position until the award has been earned, or until the end of the award period. If the student resigns or is terminated, he/she will not be assigned another position until the following semester.

The usual workload for a student is 8-12 hours a week. The object of setting an average of weekly hours is to help gauge earnings over the full award period. The student who earns too much too quickly may reach his/her allocated amount before the term ends. In addition, departments may find they have to terminate a student's employment prematurely.

A student is never allowed to work more than eight hours in one day or 20 hours in one week (40 during non-enrollment periods).

The continuation of a student on the work-study program is subject to the availability of funds. Employment is not guaranteed but based on jobs available, student class schedule and qualifications.