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New Hires

  • Determine staffing needs and verify funds allocated to your department's budget for Federal Work-Study and Longwood Work Study
  • Complete Position Announcement for and submit to the University Career Center for posting.
  • Interview candidates and make selection(s).
  • Once hired, complete and forward the required hiring documents for each student hired to the Student Employment Coordinator for verification and processing.

The documents must be submitted to and approved by the Student Employment Coordinator before the 21st of the month in order for the student to be paid for work completed before the 21st.

Documents approved after the 21st will result in the student having to wait until the next pay period for payment.

  • IT IS ILLEGAL to allow students to work without authorization. Students cannot begin work until you have received confirmation of authorized employment from the Student Employment Coordinator.
  • During the academic year, students working under Federal Work-Study can begin working no earlier than 10 days before the first day of classes and can work no later than the last day of exams.



A student may be assigned only one job and is expected to work in that position until the award has been earned, or until the end of the award period. If the student resigns or is terminated, he/she will not be assigned another position until the following semester.

The usual workload for a student is 8-12 hours a week. The object of setting an average of weekly hours is to help gauge earnings over the full award period. The student who earns too much too quickly may reach his/her allocated amount before the term ends. In addition, departments may find they have to terminate a student's employment prematurely.

A student is never allowed to work more than eight hours in one day or 20 hours in one week (40 during non-enrollment periods).

The continuation of a student on the work-study program is subject to the availability of funds. Employment is not guaranteed but based on jobs available, student class schedule and qualifications.


Employment Authorization forms must be completed and submitted each year by the 21st of the month. Paperwork approved after the 21st will result in the student having to wait until the next pay period for payment.


Rehiring Students

Students' continued employment within a department depends on several factors. Students must:

  • continue to be enrolled in a degree seeking course of study
  • maintain satisfactory academic progress (maintain a cumulative 2.0 gpa if in second year of classes or above
  • continue to have a demonstrated financial need if working under federal work-study
    and must have indicated to their supervisors the wish to continue working

Students are not automatically rehired.