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One-Time Payments



 What is a One-Time Payment?

  • One-Time Payments  are made in situations where the work or services performed by a student employee is limited to one event or a relatively short amount of time, and a flat stipend is more appropriate than an hourly amount.
  • A One-Time Payment can be made when services are rendered and wages are due but there is no intent on the part of the payer to establish a continuing employment relationship.
  • One-Time Payments should not be used for work or services that will continue for a lengthy period.  The student employee in this situation must be placed on Longwood’s work study program and paid an hourly wage.


Employment Request for One-Time Service Process (click here for *Form)
*Form must be completed and approved by Student Employment prior to the student beginning work.

Before work/services can begin legally, the "Employment Request for One-Time Service" form must be submitted to and approved by the Student Employment Coordinator in Human Resources, Lancaster 212.

1. Student completes Section I, provides required documents and hiring forms (available online), signs and dates

2. Requestor/Supervisor completes Section II of the Employment Request form and

  • reviews & copies documents provided by student and completes Section 2 of the I-9
  • attaches all required hiring documents and forms
  • attaches documentation that supports the reason/purpose for which services are being requested
  • submits Request to the Student Employment Coordinator for approval  

3. The Student Employment Coordinator verifies employment eligibility, signs and forwards to Payroll and the Requesting Department.  An E-Mail will also be sent to the Requester and student to confirm authorization to provide work/services.


*To comply with federal and state regulations, it is your responsibility to understand the significance of ensuring a newly hired student is authorized before working on campus in order to comply with federal and state regulations. The penalties  for ignoring the legal requirements of the I-9 process can be severe.