The Longwood Employee Service Award Program recognizes employees for their eligible years of service to Longwood and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Service is recognized in five-year increments based upon the active employee state service date in relation to the Service Award event. The Employee Service Award program (Gratitude Inspired From Time and Service) allows employees, being recognized, to select either the traditional service award pin or a gift from a catalog. Each year, an invitation letter to those receiving service recognition award is sent with instructions on how to make gift selection.

NOTE: If you are receiving service award for 5 years of service, you will receive a certificate.

Full-time Employees

Beginning 2007, Longwood will recognize full-time employees for their total years of full-time service with the Commonwealth of Virginia instead of service to Longwood and the Commonwealth separately. This will allow us to recognize and honor all employees in a fair way - both employees who came to Longwood from other state agencies as well as those who began their state careers at Longwood. All full-time employees will now receive one award gift for their total years of service. Please note that any part-time service is not included when calculating your years of service for this purpose.

Part-Time Employees

For the first time, we will be recognizing regular part-time (funded wage) employees for their service to Longwood University. Note that this does not include temporary part-time or any part-time employment classification other than regular wage employees. The recognition will be for service in five-year increments, as done with full-time employees.