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Driver Education Endorsement

Course Descriptions for Driver Education Endorsement

Drivers Ed Endorsement ClassHLTH 301 - Foundations of  Traffic  Safety

This is the first of two courses required by the Virginia Department of Education for an endorsement in driver education. The intent of this course is to develop a thorough understanding of the highway transportation system, the complexity of the driving task, factors contributing to the performance of highway users, and attitudes and skills necessary to develop competent drivers.

It will also provide prospective teachers with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively deliver the course content as presented in the Administrative and Curriculum Guide for Driver Education for Virginia.

HLTH 302 - Instructional Principles and Methodologies of Classroom and In-Car Instruction

This is the second of two courses required by the Commonwealth of Virginia for endorsement in driver education. This course provides students with an overview of teaching methods and effective practices for driver education instruction. Emphasis is placed on program organization and administration, classroom instruction, single car instruction, multiple-car range instruction, simulation and evaluation. Focus is also placed on teaching skills.

The course includes a minimum of 14 hours of behind-the-wheel supervised teaching/observation experiences. Course content is derived from the Administrative and Curriculum Guide for Driver Education for Virginia.

Prerequisite: Health 301 and valid Virginia driver's license and driving experience. All students who are not currently employed in the school systems will be required to complete a criminal background check. All participants will be required to complete a DMV driving record check. This will be completed during the first class meeting. Students who have any negative points will not be permitted to use university owned vehicles.

Instructor: Vonnie Colvin 434 395 2452 or email at colvinay@longwood.edu



HLTH 301 June 20 - July 6, 2016,  8 a.m. until noon

HLTH 302 July 6 (begin at 1:00 that day until 5:00) - Thursday, July 14, 2016

Except for July 6, all classes are 8 a.m. until noon and 1 p.m.until 5 p.m.




Other Information:

It will be mid-March before the courses are "posted." The easiest way is to contact the Registrar's Office -- 434 395 2580 -- and tell them you want to take Health 301 and 302 over the summer. The fees for classes can be found at: http://www.longwood.edu/studentaccounts/20960.htm If you are an in-state resident, make sure you complete the form (the Registrar's Office will tell you about it) to ensure you pay in-state fees. You do NOT need to apply to Longwood--you will just be taking six credits with us this summer.

Other Costs & Thoughts:

  1. Most of your materials (including the text which is on CD) are provided free of charge by the Virginia Department of Education. You will need to purchase a workbook from our bookstore -- last fall it was less than $5.
  2. In addition to the tuition costs, there is a $100 course fee for HLTH 302. That covers the use of university cars and expenses for field trips, etc. There "may" be a $35 fee for the on-line course, but I will know more about that later.
  3. Are you currently teaching in the schools? If not, we require a criminal background check (which costs $40 and I can provide information to you). Basically the VDOE requires that everyone "ride-along" with a certified teacher when s/he is teaching the in-car phase for 14 class periods. Our program requires a criminal background check of anyone working with children, BUT if you are currently teaching in the schools, that is waived.
  4. During Health 302, a majority of the time is devoted to driving and teaching peers to drive. Longwood University cars will be utilized. To drive a Longwood vehicle, however, the student must hold a valid Virginia driver's license and submit his/her license for examination by the Virginia State Police through the Longwood Police Department. Students who elect not to have their licenses checked or who have accummulated any negative points or who have out-of-state drivers' licenses must use their own cars for range (parking lot) skills. These students may participate in all other activities and are able to earn the endorsement
  5. If you need to live on campus, contact Residential & Commuter Life (RCL) at 434 395 2080. We have had adults stay in the dorms before.

Please contact Dr. Vonnie Colvin if you have questions 434 395 2452 or email colvinay@longwood.edu



Become Endorsed to Teach Driver Education

Any student may elect to take the following sequence of courses and become endorsed to teach driver education in secondary schools.

  • HLTH 301
    Foundations of Traffic Safety (3 credits)
  • HLTH 302
    Instructional Principles and Methodologies of Classroom and In-Car Instruction (3 credits)

Note: $100 Course Fee

TOTAL: 6 credits