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Student Opportunities

Field Experiences

Canoe HARK

Each student is required to complete a practicum experience that will enhance his/her growth and development in the Outdoor Education field.

The time involved in the practicum will involve a minimum of 135 contact hours equivalent to 3 credit hours.

Students are encouraged to choose a program that will extend their knowledge and experience beyond what they experience in the minor program. Students must be in a leadership position and must be supervised by someone at the site who can attest to their practicum requirements and work.

Practicum experiences have ranged from working at Environmental Education programs, National Outdoor Leadership School, summer adventure camp programs, Youth Conservation Corps, Wilderness Therapy programs, wildlife agencies or assisting in teaching an outdoor education class.



Student Activities

Wild HARk

Many students who minor in Outdoor Education also are involved in the student Outdoor Club.

This club provides students with opportunities to experience additional outdoor activities not found in the academic classes. In addition, the Outdoor Club provides leadership opportunities for those students interested in furthering their skills and qualifications in outdoor or adventure education.

Website: http://lancer.longwood.edu/org/outdoorclub/


Mountain HARK Shenandoah National Park on top of Stony Man Mountain

Professional Links