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Student Opportunities

Student Organizations

LATA - Longwood Athletic Trainers' Association

The purpose of this organization is to broaden the member's knowledge of athletic training, as well as establish a relationship with the public community and University and educate them in the profession of athletic training.

We support and promote the highest quality of healthcare to the physically active population and promote the highest quality of social, moral, and ethical obligations to the athletic training profession... playing a role in the welfare of the students, student athletic trainers, graduate student athletic trainers, certified athletic trainers, and health care providers that work in association with the Longwood Athletic Trainers' Association (LATA).


Clinical Rotation Plan

Clinical rotations are designed to build upon previous assignments and classroom/laboratory experience.

Following completion of the first semester, the student gains exposure during the second semester in ATTR210 (Basic Skills in Athletic Training). Students are required to complete a directed clinical observation experience. The initial placements are determined by class size and student transportation needs.

During the semester, the student will rotate through three directed observation experiences. At least one of the rotations will be assigned at an affiliated site. At the completion of each rotation, the clinical supervisor and/or the student mentor submits an evaluation.

Once admitted to the professional program, the student will complete five Clinical Methods courses/clinical experiences. Each course involves additional lab sessions that emphasize psychomotor skills. Students are required to complete a series of allied health/medical observation rotations during one of the Clinical Methods courses.

Prior to the beginning of the first clinical experience, the student will complete a statement of goals and strengths and weaknesses. At the conclusion of each Clinical Methods course, the student will reflect on the experience. This reflection along with clinical evaluations of the student's performance and proficiency indicators will provide the clinical faculty with information to help the student enhance their clinical knowledge.


Clinical Internship

The purpose of the clinical internship is to provide athletic training students with an additional opportunity to gain practical experience in an external private sports medicine clinic or educational setting which is involved in athletic health care.

The athletic training clinical internship is an active learning experience for the student and serves as a professional field experience and early career experience for them to apply their skills and knowledge. The internship experience also provides the students with the opportunity to work under the direct supervision of another skilled professional in the deliverance of athletic health care in an on-site athletic training/sports medicine establishment.

The student receives 12 semester hours of credit for the internship experience. The student is expected to spend a minimum of eight hours per day, for the equivalent of five days per week, for 12 weeks at the internship location. During the internship semester, students essentially become a member of the facility staff. They will be expected to conduct themselves in the same professional manner as the full time staff. The conclusion of the internship experience will involve the student returning to campus to make a presentation to his/her peers and faculty.

Students must file appropriate documents with the department or program curriculum committee requesting permission to register for the internship. Students will select an appropriate internship site in consultation with the program director. Students will be expected to explore multiple possible sites prior to the final selection. While the completion of the necessary steps for the internship will be a joint venture, it is the student's responsibility to initiate all procedures.

Given the limited opportunities for exposure to private sports medicine clinics or for experience in large athletic settings such as NCAA Division IA programs, the clinical internship is the ideal solution. Students will be able to select their internship site according to their career goals and will work cooperatively with the program director to arrange for the internship experience. The obvious advantage of this arrangement is that Longwood students will gain visibility and networking contacts for themselves, the program, and the college. The CAATE Standards encourage sponsoring institutions to utilize a variety of health care facilities to supplement student experiences in the primary clinical setting.

Past Internship Sites Include:

  • Washington Mystics, WNBA
  • Waashington Freedom, WUSA
  • Rollins College
  • North Carolina State University
  • Florida International University
  • ESPN Wide World of Sports
  • Biodex Medical Inc.
  • Chippenham Sports Medicine
  • Blue Ridge Orthopedics
  • University of Dayton
  • Physical Therapy Works
  • Christ Church School
  • Camp LeJeune, NC
  • Northeastern University
  • University of Dayton

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