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Physical & Health Education

The PHETE program at Longwood University prepares teacher candidates to meet State licensure requirements to teach both health and physical education from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Teacher candidates may also elect to become certified to teach Driver Education.

Teaching physical and health educationOur program is a competency-based, fieldwork intensive curriculum that ensures students obtain hands-on teaching experiences throughout their academic career.

As a result, graduates enter the workforce confident in their ability to deal with the many challenges faced by public school teachers in today's world.

Longwood University PHETE Majors regularly work with the American Heart Association to correlate their Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart Educational materials with the Virginia Standards of Learning.

For information regarding the PHETE concentration, contact program coordinator  Vonnie Colvin at 434.395.2452

Driver Education Offerings 2014 2015 

HPE Graduate Courses in Health and Physical Education


Program Minors

Driver Education Endorsement


Licensure or Certificate Only

The Virginia State Board of Education must approve all teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities within the Commonwealth of Virginia. As such, students should understand that the Commonwealth mandates many of the requirements of our teacher preparation program.

Students who complete teacher preparation in a state-approved program are eligible to apply for a teaching license. In Virginia, licensure is earned to teach both health and physical education from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. There is no separate certification to teach just Physical Education or just Health.

Licensure Requirements

Longwood will recommend a student for a Virginia teaching license if:

  • A passing score is reported on PRAXIS II and the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment Test 
  • The grade in student teaching is A, B, C or Pass
  • The overall grade point average is at least 2.50, and
  • The grade point average for the professional semester is at least 2.75

Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Faculty


J. Charles Blauvelt, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Physical Education
Willett 122B

Vonnie Colvin 2012

Allison (Vonnie) Colvin, B.S., M.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.

Professor of Physical Education
Willett 104K



Chrystyna Kosarchyn

Professor of Health Education
B.A. in Political Science
M.A. in Health Education
Ph.D. in Health Education
Certified Health Education Specialist
Willett 104H


Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Physical Education
Willett 106



Mucedola 9 10 14

Michael S. Mucedola, Ph.D., M.S.T., MCHES

Graduate Program Coordinator and
Assistant Professor of Health Education
B.S. in Physical Education
M.S.T. in Health Education
Ph.D. in Public Health
Master Certified Health Education Specialist
Willett 114






William Thomson, Ed.D.

Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Physical Education
Willett 104F