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Criteria for Admission

Requirements for admission into the PHETE Program should be completed before the end of the midpoint of the spring semester of the sophomore year. The requirements are:

Criteria for Admission to Program Link (pdf)


Transfer students

Transfer students must apply for admission to the Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Program (PHETE) by the midpoint of their second semester at Longwood University. All criteria listed above apply to transfer students.


Teacher Candidates Applying For Licensure Only

Licensure only teacher candidates apply for admission to the Physical and Health Education Teacher Education Program (PHETE) and must be accepted before beginning professional course work at Longwood University. Students must hold a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Two letters of recommendation from a licensed teacher or school administrator or from a previous college level instructor are also required of any Licensure Only student. All standardized testing requirements must be met as well as an interview with the PHETE Interview Committee.


Standardized Testing Requirements for Admission to Teacher Education:

To apply to the Teacher Education Program, the candidate must document his/her ability to meet specific standards in mathematics, reading, and writing. Please upload successful scores to the OPS Canvas site. (You must have applied to teacher education in order to be enrolled in the OPS Canvas course. You may do this through myLongwood.) The passing scores are established by the Virginia Department of Education and are necessary for admission to all colleges of education within the Commonwealth of Virginia. Students may meet this requirement by:

  • SAT (combined score of 1100 from verbal and mathematics, with at least 530 on each section) OR
  • ACT (composite score of at least 24; a math score of at least 22; and a combined English and reading score of 46) OR
  • PRAXIS I (reading -- 178; mathematics -- 178; and writing 176). You do NOT have to pass all three PRAXIS I tests if you have a composite score of 532. IF you have trouble with mathematics and do well in reading and writing, taking all three PRAXIS I tests and achieving the 532 composite score may be the better strategy for you.


There are other ways to meet the standardized testing requirements. The candidate may document his/her mastery of mathematics by

  • Achieving a 178 on the mathematics PRAXIS I exam
  • OR achieving a 22 in mathematics on the ACT exam
  • OR achieving a 530 in mathematics on the SAT exam

The candidate may meet reading and writing requirements by

  • taking the PRAXIS I and achieving the necessary scores
  • OR by taking the Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) and achieving a 235 on reading and a 235 on writing. The VCLA test is available through a company called Pearson Vue. It has offices in Lynchburg, Newport News, Richmond, Roanoke, and Vienna. You sign up through the website: www.vcla.nesinc.com


Since passing the VCLA is already REQUIRED for teacher licensure, the PHETE program area RECOMMENDS (but does NOT require) that candidates meet admission testing requirements by taking the math portion of the PRAXIS I (unless the candidate already meets that standard through the SAT or ACT) and then take the VCLA. If the candidate already meets all of the requirements with ACT or SAT or achieved a composite 532 on PRAXIS, s/he has MET the testing requirements for admission to teacher education. (If the candidate does not use the VCLA as a way to meet admission standardized testing, completing that test will still be required in the sophomore year in KINS 201.)

Requirements for admission to Student Teaching are:

Requirements for admission to the Student Teacher Program should be completed one year before you plan to student teach; September 1 for student teaching the following fall semester and February 1 for student teaching the following spring semester.

The requirements are:

  • prior admission to the PHETE program
  • completed application found on the Office of Professional Services website
  • overall Grade Point Average of at least 2.5
  • major Grade Point Average of at least 2.5 (determined by grades earned in KINS 150, 201, 203, 204, 275, 280, 350, 351, 352, 364, 374, 377, 378, 386, 387; HLTH 160, 201, 205, 313, 314, 335, and 465).
  • two recommendations from members of the PHETE faculty. These recommendations are in a checklist format and may be requested via the OPS website
  • evidence of the satisfactory completion of a broad background in general education.
  • demonstration of adequate preparation in professional courses specific to the PHETE program and a minimum grade of C on the following courses: KINS 350, 351, 352,  364, 374, 377, 378, and HLTH 465).