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Recreational Opportunities

Osprey nesting box at Hull Springs Farm

Hull Springs Farm offers a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities, from canoeing and kayaking to backcountry hiking and exploring. 

Situated on two major tributaries to the Potomac River, Hull Springs is the perfect place to fish or swim or watch the resident ospreys and bald eagles nesting nearby. 

Visitors canoeing at Hull Springs Farm Canoeing is one of many recreational opportunities you can participate in!

Hull Springs Farm is an ideal birding location. Year round, dozens of species ranging from the iconic Bald Eagle to the common Carolina Wren make HSF their homes, migrating passage and breeding grounds. Birding groups or individual parties are more than welcome to enjoy birding at their own pace or perhaps with a guided tour, with peak times being morning and early evening.

It is advised that at least one period of the birding tour be taken via water to explore the avian life of Aimes and Glebe Creeks that border the farm.   

Hull Springs offers great birding opportunities because of its varied habitat types including forest, field, wetland, shore and edge habitats. There are many permanent resident species, as well as many migrating species of shore birds and passerines.   

Among the many species are:

Common Name :  Scientific Name  Common Name :  Scientific Name
Osprey  :  Pandion haliaetus Red-tailed Hawk  :  Buteo jamaicensis
Bald Eagle  :  Haliaeetus leucocephalus Cooper’s Hawk  :  Accipiter cooperii
Canada Goose  :  Branta Canadensis American Kestrel  :  Falco sparverius
Mute Swan  :  Cygnus olor American Woodcock  :  Scolopax minor
Wood Duck  :  Aix sponsa Herring Gull  :  Larus argentatus
Mallard  :  Anas platyrhynchos Belted Kingfisher  : Megaceryle alcyon
Wild Turkey  :  Meleagris gallopavo Pileated Woodpecker  : Dryocopus pileatus
Northern Bobwhite  :  Colinus virginianus Blue Jay  : Cyanocitta cristata
Great Blue Heron  :  Ardea Herodias Cedar Waxwing  : Bombycilla cedrorum
Green Heron  :  Butorides virescens Northern Cardinal  : Cardinalis cardinalis