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Using grants and donated services, the Longwood Foundation has surveyed and restored the Hull Springs shoreline, inventoried and designed forest management strategies, developed plans for a 213-acre wetland mitigation site, and educated many students about sustainable environmental practices.

Hull Springs Farm is a model for environmentally-sound land management and shows how other institutions across the Bay region can manage their lands in a sustainable manner.

To date, the Foundation has implemented major components of their living shorelines stewardship plan and initiated plans for their built infrastructure, forest stewardship, wildlife habitat and wetlands mitigation bank. The Foundation’s signature living shorelines project has effectively halted shoreline erosion and created a biologically diverse marsh that is now used as an important teaching tool for Longwood students, as well as area residents. Soon, the wetland mitigation bank will generate revenue for the farm, while showing landowners that wetland restoration can bring financial, as well as ecological, benefits.

Longwood's Educational Commitment Summary (PDF)