As a Center for Excellence in Environmental Education (CE3), Hull Springs Farm will address environmental education across the Commonwealth of Virginia—at the campus of Longwood University, in classrooms across the state from kindergarten to high school, and in the primary communities served by Longwood University, as well as a broad area touched by the Chesapeake Bay.

If additional facilities are constructed, not only will Hull Springs Farm be able to better meet the needs of Longwood’s interested user groups; but in addition, it will be the perfect location for business and corporate leaders to come and build on environmental literacy.

Volunteer Opportunities

Currently volunteer opportunities at Hull Springs Farm include:

  • facilities improvements (primarily painting)
  • landscaping in the form of hedge and tree trimming, pruning and weeding
  • invasive species identification and removal
  • trash and litter collection, primarily from forests and shorelines.

For volunteers involved in trash collection, data sheets will be provided to help monitor and quantify trash kept from entering our waterways.  This is part of a Virginia Clean Waterways’ Citizen Scientist initiative. In the future, Hull Springs plans to increase its Citizen Science opportunities to include community engagement and educational programs focused on environmental quality monitoring methods.

How to Give

Donations and grants are critical to funding educational and research programs, facility maintenance and development at Hull Springs Farm.

Your contribution, whether as a volunteer, donor or provider of in-kind support, is welcomed and appreciated.

For more information, please contact Hull Springs Farm at 434.395.4987. 

All cash donations are tax-deductible.