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Information Security

Graphic depicting cyber security with lock on pcb

Who We Are

The Office of Information Security is responsible for developing and implementing campus-wide policies, controls and procedures to protect the University's information technology resources and systems from intentional or inadvertent modification, disclosure or destruction, as well as monitoring user adherence to these policies.

Responsibilities include:

  • arbitrating and resolving issues and problems relating to ownership, accessibility and updating of responsibilities for computer generated or stored data at the University
  • educating the user community in the ethical usage of information technology resources and systems


Heartbleed Report

Read the campus-wide notice sent 4/11/2014 @ 11:29 AM, encouraging all Longwood Faculty, Staff and Students, and Contractors to change their LancerNet Password's as soon as possible.


Report a Security Incident

To report a security incident please email abuse@longwood.edu and include a complete description of the problem.

More Information


 Heartbleed @ Longwood University

 More Information

 Securing the Human

Deadline: October 31