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ITS Policy Review Process

What is the policy review process?

In order for all faculty and staff to have the opportunity to comment on policy changes before they are made official by the Board of Visitors we have developed a policy review process.


How do I get started?

This process is currently being upgraded. Check back soon.


When will the policy review be open?

Policy Review Schedule

  • November:Policy Review will OPEN for policies to be presented to the Board of Visitors Meeting in March.
  • April: Policy Review will OPEN for policies to be presented to the Board of Visitors Meeting in September.

Policies will be available for review for at least 30 days. A broadcast e-mail will be sent to all faculty and staff when policies are added for review.


How will I know if my suggestions were accepted?

All comments received will be reviewed and evaluated.

After the review period has ended and any necessary revisions have been made updated drafts and a summary of comments received will be posted in the ITS Policy Review course until the Board of Visitors meeting.


What types of comments should I provide?

Our goal is to provide ITS policies that are clear, consistent and easy-to-understand. Our policies are high level statements of how we utilize technology as a University in a way that is secure, efficient, fair and productive. Please let us know if you feel that any of our proposed revisions or additions fail to meet these expectations or if you would like further clarification of a policy or its requirements.


Where can I find copies of all ITS policies?

ITS policies can be accessed from our Information Technology Services Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines index page.