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Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services Data Owner: Chris Freeland
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
ITS Office Data Agendas, minutes, meeting materials, etc. for departmental meetings   X  
Telecommunications Invoice Data Phone line ordering information, printing invoices, phone and fax invoices, late notices   X  


Information Technology Services Data Owner: Frank Moore
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
ITS Operating Documentation Standard operating procedures, departmental policies/processes, plans (including incident response and disaster recovery), network diagrams   X  


Project Management Office Data Owner: Penny Howard
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
Project Data Project planning and coordination documents   X  
Project Reporting Data Project overview documents X    


Communications Technology Data Owner: Mark Kendrick
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
Network Configuration Information Includes configuration information on switches, routers, firewalls, devices, DHCP, etc.   X  


User Support Services Data Owner: Kim Redford
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
ITS Work Orders Requests by ITS and other faculty, staff and students for work to be completed on an IT resource or system   X  
ITS Support Information Information intended to inform users of and provide guidance on ITS systems and services X    


Application and Computer Engineering Services Data Owner: Terry McGhee
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
Application Support Data Source code for IT systems   X  
Certificate Store All Longwood (domain) - signed certificates.   X  
Change Control Information Forms and other documentation of access requests, changes to permissions, changes made to systems, etc.   X  
Configuration Management Data Information regarding Assets, Systems, Maintenance Agreements, Software, Knowledge Base, Approval Cycles, Service Level Agreements, and Purchasing.   X  
Desktop Inventory Software/Hardware for Faculty, Staff or Lab Workstations.   X  
Directory Data Active Directory domain user and computer objects.   X  
External DNS Records   X    
Internal DNS Records     X  
OEM Data Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control and contains every kind of statistic and performance metric, both real-time and historical, configuration information, job scheduler, privileged accounts and related information for each managed database and OAS (Oracle Application Server) and to some extent each database host.   X  
Software Packages Software management and delivery   X  
WSUS Database Server configurations; metadata for each update; information about clients, Windows updates and client interactions with Windows updates.   X  
WSUS Updates Windows updates, patches and drivers X    


Information Security Office Data Owner: Bob Smith
Data Type Description Classification
Public Internal Restricted
Disaster Recovery Any documentation, plans, procedures or other information necessary to restore an operational service in the event of a serious disruption of computer services.   X  
Incident Information Forms, reports, and other documentation recording discoveries and actions of incident investigations   X  
Security Awareness Training Records Information related to security awareness training for employees, students, vendors, etc.   X  
System Logs Logs for systems, applications, security, etc.    X  
Risk Assessment IT security data relating specifically to risk, risk assessment and risk treatment.     X
Vulnerability Scans Scan performed by ITS or at the direction of ITS of systems/devices that describe and document technical issues/vulnerabilities.     X