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What Are My Options?

Short-Term Programs

Faculty-Led Programs

  • Usually short-term (2-4 weeks) during summer or winter intersession.
  • Small group of students led by a Longwood faculty member.
  • Earn credit for an associated Longwood course.


Non-Credit Programs

Looking to expand your global perspective by immersing yourself in a new culture for a few weeks? Contact Emily Kane for more information. 


If you are planning on participating in a faculty-led program you MUST attend a risk session!


Long-Term Programs

Exchange Programs

  • Study at one of Longwood’s international partners for a semester or year.
  • Pay the same tuition/fees as if attending Longwood (room and board fees apply).

Longwood Affiliated Programs

  • Our affiliated program providers offer a broad array of programs all over the world and in almost every academic discipline.
  • Many specialize in international internship placements.
  • A great way to find a short-term or long-term program that matches your interests.
  • You are able to receive academic credit towards your degree.
  • Affiliates often offer scholarships and discounts to our students.
  • Many semester-long programs are comparable to, or cheaper than, studying at Longwood. 
  • Please note: If a student chooses a study abroad program not offered by one of our listed affiliated providers, they will not receive credit. We are no longer approving non-affiliated providers!



If you are planning on participating in a long-term program, including internships through an affiliated provider, you MUST attend a pre-departure meeting!