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Information for Academic Advisors

First Step

If you have a student interested in studying abroad encourage them to first meet with Emily Kane, Director of Study Abroad, who will help guide your advisee in selecting which programs are best for his or her major. If you have any questions on how to guide your advisee feel free to contact Emily Kane.


Information For Academic Advisors

Students who do not study abroad through programs that offer a Longwood course (faculty-led short-term study abroad programs) must transfer credits back to Longwood. It is important that academic advisers work closely with their advisees who will be studying abroad.   Advisers can help students determine which classes they may take during their study abroad program and offer their recommendation for the Longwood equivalent of the courses. A transfer credit authorization form must be completed before the student departs. This is a  form available at the Dean's Offices and the Office of International Affairs. Once the form has been completed, it must be returned by the student to the Office of International Affairs. 


Tips for Academic Advisors

1. It is helpful to know international grading scales and credit conversion.  A helpful link to the World Education Services (WES) grade conversion guide is here.

2. Ask students to obtain course descriptions from their study abroad program as this will make determining Longwood equivalents easier.

3. Sometimes students will arrive at their study abroad destination and find that one or more of the classes listed on the transfer credit authorization form will not be offered anymore. Therefore, it is helpful to list several additional classes (clearly listed as "alternate") on the transfer credit authorization form. 

4. Help students determine whether the particular study abroad program will offer the classes they need to stay on track for timely graduation.  If not, then it may be best for the student to look into other study abroad opportunities. They can begin research on study abroad programs here.

5. Ask the student to read and understand the Study Abroad Checklist and Timeline and the Procedures for Studying Abroad at Longwood University (This includes information regarding financial aid, payment for study abroad programs, and registration).