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Description of ESLP

Longwood University's English as a Second Language Program (ESLP) is an intensive program of study designed for students who need English for admission into American universities or for personal/professional reasons.

The ESLP consists of 4 levels--Beginning, Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level is divided into two parts called "sessions" (Fall 1 & Fall 2; Summer 1 & 2; Spring 1 & Spring 2). Fall and Spring sessions are 7 weeks in length, and the Summer sessions are 5 weeks in length.

All ESLP students are in class 25 hours a week and take core classes – Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. Intermediate through Advanced students take content courses in addition to core courses in the fall and spring. These courses rotate from session to session as needed. No elective courses will be offered in the summer.

Students are out of class on Fridays at 12PM. From 2:00 to 4:00 most Fridays during the session, there is an activity planned for the students, guided by an American tutor, in which they can connect to the community and use their English. 

Beginners should be able to complete the program, from start to finish, in four college semesters if they do not take any breaks.  If students were to progress faster than the curricula, they could be advanced placed. A student who earns an A in the course and on the mid-term exam will be advance placed to the next level.

Due to the additional intensity of the Summer Program, students who start Summer 1 must also take Summer 2 (the entire 10 weeks which is made up of two 5 week sessions). During the summer, students will complete in 5 weeks what they usually do in 7 weeks. Therefore, it is not recommended that students do two summers during their course of study.

Students can enter the ESLP at any level. Upon arrival at Longwood University, three business days before the session begins, the student takes a placement test. The results will determine at which level the student will begin. Students will receive grades in these courses and will need a 75% to continue to the next course. The grading scale is the following:  95%-100% A; 85%-94% B; 75%-84% C; 0%-74% F.

At the end of the Program, students take an in-house TOEFL, and the results, combined with a final level portfolio, are used to determine their readiness for exit from the Program.

If students finish the Program in Fall 1, Spring 1, or Summer 1, and plan to continue with academic studies, they will enter a bridge program to further prepare them for academics. If they finish in Fall 2, Summer 2 or Spring 2, they will enter academic studies the next semester.


Course Fees

To view the Course Fees, please click HERE for the PDF file.


Course Calendar

To view the 2014 Course Calendar, please click HERE for the PDF file.



To view examples of Elective Courses, please click HERE for the PDF file.

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