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How to Apply

Become an International Student Mentor


What does an International Student Mentor do?

  • An International Student Mentor meets regularly with their international student, especially at the beginning of the semester. Transitioning to a new cultural and academic environment can be tough! International Student Mentors ease the transition to Longwood, offer opportunities for social interaction and help their international student feel welcome.

Who can be an International Student Mentor?

  • YOU! Any Longwood student may apply to be an International Student Mentor.

What activities can I do with my Mentor?

  • Cook a meal together or share cuisine
  • Introduce them to your friends
  • Take them to the Dining Hall or out to a local restaurant
  • Take them to an event on campus (i.e. International Coffee Hour, Lancer Productions event, Spring Weekend, bowling in the Student Union, basketball game, etc.)
  • Bring them home during a weekend or break to visit your family (75% of international students never see the inside of an American home!) 

Will I be trained?

  • Yes! International Student Mentors will be trained by the Office of International Affairs staff to help you gain cross-cultural skills and be a good mentor.

Do you think you would make a good International Student Mentor?

  • If so, please fill out the application form and return it to the Office of International Affairs.