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Short-Term Health Insurance

Longwood does not require that you hold a health insurance policy, other than the ISIC card, when you travel. However, it should be noted that the ISIC card offers only limited health insurance coverage and it will rely on your primary health insurance policy for coverage in some cases. Students without health insurance may want to consider purchasing an additional short-term policy, which can be purchased for very low prices. Some companies offering this type of supplemental insurance appear below. Please note that Longwood does not endorse these companies and simply offers them as examples.

Options for students going abroad for less than one month:

HCC - about $30 for $50,000 maximum coverage with no deductible for 30 days of coverage.
Coverage details: https://www.hccmis.com/atlastravel/AT_RC_1210.htm
To purchase: https://www.hccmis.com/atlas-travel-insurance-quote/?referid=9800235

HTH Insurance - about $34 for $50,000 max coverage with $100 deductible.
Coverage details: http://www.hthtravelinsurance.com/1_benefits_vaca.cfm
To purchase: http://www.hthtravelinsurance.com/purchase/quote/quote_stg.cfm

Options for students going abroad for longer than one month:

HCC Medical Insurance Services - Atlas Travel $50,000
Starting at approximately $75 for 140 days of coverage with $2500 deductible (can adjust deductible)
To purchase: http://www.hccmis.com/atlas-travel-insurance/ 
Coverage details: https://www.hccmis.com/atlastravel/AT_RC_1210.htm

Seven Corners - Liaison International
Starting at approximately $85 for up to 187 days of coverage with $2500 deductible (can adjust deductible)
Tp purchase: http://www.sevencorners.com/insuranceplans/travelinsurance/
Coverage details: http://www.sevencorners.com/interactiveguide/#rStates

Seven Corners - U.S. Students Abroad
Starting at approximately $145 for up to 140 days of coverage with $50 deductible
To purchase: http://www.sevencorners.com/insuranceplans/studentinsurance/
Coverage details: http://www.sevencorners.com/forms/2vls12.pdf