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 Study Abroad Overview

Why should I study abroad?

Studying abroad can be the defining moment in your education that will change your life. Not only will you make new friends, earn course credit, and be more attractive to potential employers, you will gain a global perspective that will benefit you throughout your lifetime. Often you can enjoy this experience for little more than the expense of attending classes at Longwood. On recent programs, students have gone to China, Costa Rica, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Spain, Tanzania, and Thailand, just to name a few.


 Faculty-led Programs

Usually short-term (2-4 weeks), during summer or winter intersession. Small groups of students will be led by a faculty member and earn credit for a Longwood course. View a current list of our faculty-led programs here.

 Exchange Programs

Study at one of Longwood’s international partner universities for a semester or year. A few summer options are available.Pay the same tuition and fees as if attending Longwood, but room and board and additional fees may apply. You can expect to spend only slightly more than you would pay for a semester at Longwood! View a list of our exchange partner schools here.

 Affiliated Providers

Longwood has affiliated with several well-known study abroad providers. These affiliated providers offer a wide variety of programs and may provide our students with special discounts and scholarships.

** Please note: If a student chooses a study abroad program not offered by one of our listed affiliated providers, they will not receive credit. We are no longer approving non-affiliated providers!**

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The International Affairs office offers many study abroad scholarships for Longwood students and there are also opportunities to gain scholarships through other organizations (check out our Scholarships page here!).  Students may also use financial aid to defray the cost of their study abroad program. Check with the financial aid office for more details about funding your study abroad program.