We are committed to making the transition to college life in the United States as easy as possible for you.

The checklist below lists all of the tasks you need to complete and/or be aware of before you can start classes.


Activate Your LancerNet and LiveMail Accounts

Your Lancernet ID and Longwood LiveMail address are at the bottom of your acceptance letter.
Your Longwood LiveMail address will be our official method of contacting you after you pay your deposit, so please check it regularly. 
Activating your LiveMail Account:
  1. Activate your LancerNet ID and Longwood LiveMail Account (provided at the bottom of your acceptance letter) http://password.longwood.edu/ 
  2. Click on: I am a new student and need to activate my LancerNet ID and LiveMail accounts. Click Submit. 
  3. Enter your LancerNet ID. 
  4. Enter your birthdate in the format MM/DD/YYYY. (M=month, D=Day, Y=year) 
  5. Go to your personal email address that you have on file at the University (provided at the bottom of your acceptance letter) to receive a link to create your LancerNet password. (The LancerNet password that you create must be a minimum of 15 characters (must include 1 capital letter & 1 number). Your temporary Longwood LiveMail password will be the first eight characters of your LancerNet password). 
  6. Go to www.longwood.edu. On the top right side of the screen click on LANCER DASHBOARD and select LiveMail. 
Can't Access your Account?
If you experience difficulty accessing your account, remember to go to CYPHIR to manage your LancerNet password and click on the appropriate link to activate or change your password.

Confirm Your Enrollment

Exchange Students (J visas)

Confirm by email to International Affairs.

Degree-seeking students (F visas)

To save your space, you must pay your $400 deposit. The deposit can be made online by credit card; or by cashier’s check, bank money order or bank draft in US dollars sent to Cashiering & Student Account. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

Paying Your Deposit Online

Longwood University has partnered with Flywire so that you can pay in your local currency. With Flywire, you can track your payment through the whole process and take advantage of their 24/7 Customer Support team.

  1. To begin your payment, go to longwood.flywire.com
  2. Under Payment, type in $400 for payment amount.
  3. Pick the country you are paying from out of the drop down menu.
  4. To contiune you will need to make a Flywire account.
  5. Continue to follow directions provided on the website.

Flywire can also be used for future payments to the university. We have provided more information about Flywire in your acceptance packet.

Withdrawing Prior to the Beginning of the Semester

Once a deposit has been received, the University expects you to enroll. If you submit a deposit and later decide to withdraw, you must notify the Admissions Office in writing (admissions@longwood.edu). Deposits are refundable until September 1 each year. No refunds will be made after September 1 each year.

(Please note: stopping payment on a deposit will not substitute for completing formal withdrawal procedures. In such cases, a returned item fee of $50 will be charged in addition to the value of the original deposit.)

Once you have registered for classes, you must officially withdraw from the University before the first day of the academic term to prevent tuition and fee charges. A student with room and/or board assignment(s) must officially withdraw and/or cancel room/board assignment(s) before the first day of the academic semester and before utilizing meal plan (meals and/or Bonus $) to prevent (full or partial) assessment of room/board costs.

For more information about refunds, charges, and withdrawal procedures visit Withdrawal & Refund Policy.

Apply for Your Visa

You will have received your I-20 or DS-2019 forms (Certificate of Eligibility for a Student Visa), follow directions below. Your nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate will need this form in order to process your visa application. Go to www.usembassy.gov for information about how to apply for a visa where you live. Please take note of the supporting documentation that may be required for your application, such as your Longwood acceptance letter, financial documents, SEVIS I-901 fee receipt (payable at www.fmjfee.com), and other materials. For more information about the visa application process, please see Applying for a Visa.

Longwood cannot pay your SEVIS I-901 fee. Once you have your visa, you can enter the U.S. up to 30 days before your program start date.

Register for Your Housing and Meal Plan

All new students, who will be living in Longwood managed housing, must complete an online housing
application. This application allows you to state your preferences on building assignments and meal plans. You will also have the opportunity to complete roommate matching questions.

Once the Residential & Commuter Life office receives your completed application, you will receive an email with your housing assignment information. The housing application will be available to you beginning on June 1 in the student housing gateway. You will use your LancerNet ID and password to login to the student housing gateway.

If you have any questions about the application process, please follow the step by step instructions using our Housing Application Instructions.

Visit our Residential Students page to review:

  • A list of room furnishings  
  • A list of recommended items to bring
  • Room Measurements 
  • The Housing and Meal Plan Rates 
  • Residence Hall Terms and Conditions (All apply for the entire academic year, August - May)

Reserve Airport Pickup and Transportation

The Center for Global Engagement provides a shuttle service from the Richmond International Airport two days prior to the International Student Orientation program.

Please confirm your arrival plans in advance with the International Student Advisor, Mr. Scott Couchman, via email, couchmanws@longwood.edu.

Complete Longwood Health Requirements

All international students are required to hold valid medical insurance for their entire stay at Longwood University. If you are already covered by an international health insurance policy, please contact the Center for Global Engagement to determine if your plan is sufficient or if additional insurance is required. Students without existing medical insurance should purchase the "Budget" or "Select" insurance plans from International Student Insurance. Upon arrival at Longwood University, you will be required to present proof of your insurance coverage.

All students must also present a completed Immunization Record upon arrival. Under Virginia law, all students must undergo screening for tuberculosis, as well as immunizations for measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, and tetanus. Meningitis and hepatitis B immunizations are also required; however, you may sign waivers for meningitis and hepatitis B if you choose not to receive these two immunizations. The blank form, which you should complete along with your healthcare provider, and more information can be found at Student Health.

Please Note: Students without complete immunization records will not be permitted to register for classes.

Submit Lancer Card Photo

All Longwood University students, Faculty and Staff are required to have an ID card. Our ID card is called the Lancer Card and is used for many important services such as building access, meal plan and Lancer CA$H purchases, admittance to Athletic events, and much more.

New students are permitted, and encouraged, to upload a photo online for their Lancer Card prior to attending Orientation. Please submit your photo at least two business days prior to your Orientation session. If you miss the deadline, or forget to import a photo, you will need to come to the Lancer Card Center during Orientation to have your picture taken in person.


  • Photo submissions are manually reviewed and can take up to two business days to be processed.
  • Once reviewed, you will receive an email stating whether your photo was accepted or rejected.
  • If your photo is rejected, please correct any issues and resubmit or choose a different photo.
  • If your photo cannot be used, or you do not meet the deadline, we will take your photo in the Lancer Card Center on Orientation day.
  • If you have difficulty meeting these guidelines, please contact the Lancer Card Center at lancercard@longwood.edu or call 434-395-2715.

IMPORTANT: You will need to bring a valid photo ID (such as a driver’s license, military ID or passport) to receive your card.

Visit the Lancer card Center website to learn how to submit a photo for your Lancer Card.

Submit Your Final Transcript(s) or Leaving Certificate

Email scanned certified copies of your high school and/or college transcript(s), with certified English translations, verifying graduation and/or successful completion of your latest semester to Cheng Peng, Assistant Director of International Admissions and Recruitment, before you depart for the U.S. Registration for future semesters will be delayed if we have not received all prior transcripts by September 1 of each year.

Also, make sure to submit all official transcripts and score reports for all dual enrollment, AP and IB credit. No credit will be awarded for courses or scores listed on the high school transcript. Official transcripts and scores from the original source must be submitted as soon as possible to International Admissions to be evaluated for credit.

Review Course Registration

You will have the opportunity to receive academic advising via email or Skype. Upon completion of advising you will be registered for your enrollment semester courses. You will be notified individually of the registration time frame.

Register for Disability Services (if applicable) – If you are in need of accommodations due to a disability go to Disability Resources to learn how to register for services with the Disability Resources Office.


The purpose of this orientation is to supply you with the information to help you succeed at Longwood and go over your responsibilities as an international student.  This orientation is mandatory for all new international students.

International Student Orientation: January 13, 2019






Review Arrival Schedule

Below you will find an overview of what your first few days at Longwood will entail. Be prepared for a two-day program designed to meet your unique needs before your classes start!

  • Airport Pickup: As mentioned in Step 5, the Center for Global Engagement will be providing transportation from the Richmond International Airport at the beginning of the semester - specific dates will be sent by email.
  • A group of student mentors, also known as Global Leaders, will meet you at the airport, take you to the store to get things you may need, and bring you to campus.
  • International Student Orientation: This orientation is mandatory for all new international students. The purpose of this orientation is to supply you with the information and resources to help you succeed at Longwood. The specific dates and additional information will be sent by email.

Additional programs offered to all new students may be scheduled each semester. You will receive additional information on what you are expected to attend.