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Commuter Meal Memberships

Dining Plans aren't just for residents. At Longwood University, Dining Halls, Lancer Cafe and Specialty Coffee Houses are social environments where students can sit, relax, socialize, study and become part of campus life. We have many plans for commuters to choose from to make sure they are part of that experience.

Commuter plans are sold on a semester-by-semester basis.  You will need to sign up for a meal plan each semester that you wish to be on a meal plan.  Please visit the Longwood Dining website, and follow the "Commuter" link, to sign-up or change your meal plan. 


Commuter Students wishing to purchase a meal plan for the 2014-2015 academic year may do so through the Longwood Dining Services webpage.  Students wishing to drop or downgrade his/her meal plan must do so prior to 5pm on Tuesday, September 2, 2014(Fall) or January 20, 2015 (Spring).  Plans can be added or upgraded at any time throughout the semester, however they are not prorated.

Add/Change Commuter Meal Plan




Plans to choose from (Fall 2014/Spring 2015): 

Dining Plan Meal/Period Cost Semster Cost Year
19 Meal Plan Plan ($150 BD) 19/week



14 Meal Plan ($250 BD) 14/week $1,554 $3,108
10 Meal Plan ($350 BD) 10/week $1,566 $3,132
Block 160 Plan ($300 BD) 160/semester $1,541 $3,082
Block 80 ($300 BD) 80/semester $930 $1,860

  BD = Bonus Dollars

  • For Commuter students meal plans are optional, however you can opt to purchase any of the offered meal plans.  Please remember to sign up for a meal plan each semester.
  • Meals are per semester and do not carry-over to the next semester.  Bonus Dollars will carry-over from Fall to Spring semester if a plan is purchased both semesters.  This is true for resident and commuter students.

Please note:  These fees are subject to change by the Longwood Board of Visitors.