The LCVA has three gallery spaces for rotating art exhibitions and one gallery for display of its permanent collection of African art. In addition, the Kids' Activity Room, adjacent to the Bishop Gallery, features family-friendly activities that correlate to the main exhibition. A lower level gallery an also be used for exhibitions.

Recent LCVA exhibitions include Reflecting Centuries of Beauty: The Rowe Collection of Chinese Art, which garnered regional and national awards; the nationally traveled Pre-Columbian Art from the Mississippi Museum of Art; and Virginia's first solo show of the internationally acclaimed Kojo Griffin, a native of Farmville.

The galleries are free and open to the public, including evening opening receptions.

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Scent of the Pine, You Know How I Feel: North Carolina Art From The Jonathan P. Alcott Collection
Miller, Bishop, and Sully Galleries
June 20 - October 18, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday, June 20, 2014 from 5pm - 7pm

Scent of the Pine, You Know How I Feel includes more than 60 art works by artists who were born, lived, or worked in North Carolina. The works span two centuries and numerous styles from Realism and American Impressionism  to Post-Modernism  and Folk Art by artists such as George Charles Aid(1872-1938), Thomas Hart Benton(1889-1965), John Biggers (1924-2001), Elliot Daingerfield (1859-1932), Minnie Evans (1892-1987) and Hattie Saussy (1890-1978) to name a few.  The oldest work in the collection is by William C.A. Frerichs (1829-1905). Contemporary works include works by many North Carolina college and university faculty members (past and present) such as N.C. State’s George Bireline (1923-2002) and Davidson College’s Herb Jackson (b.1945)

Constance Cochrane (1888 - 1962) In Clouds on Grandfather Mountain C. 1917, Oil on Canvas 22 x 27 inches
Constance Cochrane (1888 - 1962) In Clouds on Grandfather Mountain C. 1917, Oil on Canvas 22 x 27 inches

2014 Longwood University Department of Theatre, Art, and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition
Miller, Bishop, and Sully Galleries
February 21 - March 29, 2014

Albert Einstein was once quoted saying, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts will bring that quote to life as they fill their galleries with recent works by Longwood University faculty members. An opening reception of the 2014 Longwood University Department of Theatre, Art, and Graphic Design Faculty Exhibition was held on February 21st.

The show features paintings, photography, books arts, mixed media, printmaking, stained glass, graphic design, drawing, and ceramics and will be open through March 29th. Faculty members with works on display include: Mark Baldridge, K. Johnson Bowles, Ann Bradshaw, John S. J. Burke, Kerri Cushman, Jon Duff, Randy Edmonson, Wade Lough, Michael Mergen, Kelly Nelson, Adam Paulek, Jessica Peterson, Christopher M. Register, and Homer Springer.

“Having a variety of mediums and concepts in the exhibit speaks to the many different approaches to the creative process,” said Exhibitions Manager, Alex Grabiec ’07. “Whether it is in the classroom, or in their studio, the faculty’s commitment to education, and to their art, is showcased here.”

This exhibition and reception were made possible through the generous contributions of the Longwood Office of the Dean for the Cook-Cole College of Arts and Sciences and Longwood Dining Services.

Start with Art, Learn for Life: Annual Area Youth Art Exhibition
LCVA, lower level and Main Street Window Gallery
Sunday, March 16 - April 28, 2014

.The Longwood Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA) is proud to present the Start with Art, Learn for Life: The Annual Area Youth Art Exhibition. On Sunday, March 16, the LCVA hosted an opening reception. Free and open to the public; friends, family, and community members were invited to the reception. The works will remain on view through April 28 in the lower level at the LCVA. The reception and exhibition were made possible by generous support from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund

This is the thirteenth year the LCVA has organized and hosted the largest youth art exhibition in the Commonwealth of Virginia. This year’s exhibition includes works by 1580 preK-12 students from 36 public, private, and home schools in 9 counties with the efforts of 38 art teachers (14 who are Longwood University Alumni). Participating counties include Amelia, Appomattox, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Lunenburg, Nottoway, Powhatan, and Prince Edward.

The following teachers have assisted by preparing and submitting their students’ work for the 2014 exhibition: Jennifer Abruzzo (Buckingham County High School), Nancy Adkins (Five County Home School), Jenifer Ashby (Powhatan Junior High School), Kathryn Clarke (Bacon District Elementary School and Phenix Elementary School), Lisa Conner (Pocahontas Elementary School), Nina Crosswhite (Prince Edward County Middle School), Kim Dalton (Pocahontas Middle School), Laura Dedmond ’08, (Buckingham County Elementary School), Cassie Duarte (Central High School), Carol Edmonson ’82, (Prince Edward County Elementary School), Monica Evans (Appomattox County Middle School), Jessi Fleisher ’04 (Lunenburg Middle School), Deborah Wilkinson Ford ’76 (Amelia County High School), Vicki Fulcher (New Life Christian Academy and New Life Learning Center), Amanda Haymans ’12 (Buckingham County Preschool), David Hennessey ’12 (Prince Edward County High School), Patricia Herring ’80 (Nottoway Middle School), Kristin Jackson (Crewe Primary School and Burkeville Elementary School), Faith A. Jones (Appomattox County High School), Ronda Jones ’78 (Cumberland Middle School), Jean Jeter Kunath (Central High School), Forrest Layne (Fuqua School), Jennifer Logan (Central Virginia Christian School), Amy McManus (Powhatan High School), Rose Mezzatesta (Buckingham County Primary School), Marley Midkiff (Nottoway Intermediate School), Alyson Napier (Nottoway High School),  Emily Overstreet ’06 (Cumberland Elementary School), Toni Puckett (Five County Home School), Debbie Quinn ’92 (Blackstone Primary School), Janice Stanley ’92 (Cumberland High School),  Carla Terry ’09 (Amelia County Middle School), Joy Utzinger (Prince Edward County Elementary School), Jill Ward (Powhatan High School), Mary Webster (Powhatan Elementary School), Lindsay Wheeler ’08 (Randolph Henry High School), Stephanie Wirt ’97(Powhatan High School), and Valeri York (Appomattox Primary School).

“Youth Art Month has always given counties in the area a unique opportunity to display artwork from all levels,” said Lindsay Wheeler ’08, art teacher at Randolph Henry High School in Charlotte County. “Since I was a student at Longwood, I have seen the show set up from both sides and the amount of work that goes into the show is unreal- but it’s so worth it when you see the look on the faces of the artists.” 

In addition to works in the lower level, the Main Street Gallery will feature Seven Habitats, an installation comprised of works created with temper paint, paper, plates, glue, tissue paper, fabric, sticks, wood, and more. All 950 students from Prince Edward Elementary School in grades Pre-K through fourth grade contributed to the project, which was coordinated by art teachers Joy Utzinger and Carol Edmonson (Longwood '82). Students participated in individual and group projects relating to 7 habitats— rainforest, freshwater pond, salt water, Polar Regions, grasslands/African Savannah, desert, and forest/ woodland habitat. Many projects directly correlate to grade-level SOLs for science, social studies, and visual arts. 

From the Annual Area Youth Art Exhibition., one work per school will be selected for a year-long exhibition displayed in Hull Hall, home to Longwood University’s College of Education and Human Services.

The school programs educator position is responsible for organizing the Annual Area Youth Art Exhibition. A campaign called ART10 (art to the power of 10) is currently raising money for an endowment to support this position long term. To date, the LCVA has raised $214k of the $350k goal needed. The LCVA hopes 100 people will give $1,000 each to reach this $100,000 goal by April 26, when a black-tie event has been planned to celebrate. To become one of the 100 sponsors for the ART10 campaign, please contact Beverley Roberts, LCVA Program Manager at (434) 395-2551.

Highlights from The 2013 Annual Area Youth Art Exhibition
Hull Education Center
Sunday, October 27, 2013 - September 2014

Each spring, the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts hosts the Annual Area Youth Art Exhibition, which showcases around 1,500 artworks created by students from public, private, and home schools in the nine surrounding counties. At the close of the exhibition, one work from each school is selected for a yearlong highlights exhibition. The chosen artworks are matted, framed, and hung in the hallways of Longwood’s Hull Education Center, where they serve as an inspiration to tomorrow’s teachers.

On Sunday, October 27, 2013, these student-artists were honored by Longwood University at a ceremony and opening reception.  The event was held in the Hull Education Center (on the corner of Brock Commons and Franklin Street) at Longwood University. The event was free and open to the public.

Students whose work were selected for the exhibition are listed by county, with school and art teacher.

From Amelia County: Courtney Viglino of Amelia County Middle School (Carla Terry, Longwood University ’09); Pimtong Udomkijkosol of Amelia County High School (Deborah Wilkinson Ford ’76); Bethany Hertzler of Five-County Home School (Betsy Skelton). From Appomattox: Justin Jones-Schladweiler of Appomattox Primary School (Valerie York); Cameron Chambers of Appomattox Middle School (Monica Evans); Catherine Baldwinof Appomattox County High School (Faith A. Jones). From Buckingham: Elizabeth Tomlin of Central Virginia Christian School (Jennifer Logan); Cadence Campbell of Buckingham County Elementary School (Laura Dedmond); Shakyla Brooks of Buckingham Primary School (Rose Mezzatesta); Kiana Shaw of Buckingham County Middle School (Gayle Bromer); Teresa Nicholson of Buckingham County High School (Jennifer Abruzzo). From Charlotte County: Rebekah Sanderson of Eureka Elementary School (Lindsay Wheeler); Yasmin Watkins of  Thomas Jefferson Center (Lindsay Wheeler); Zoey Walker of Phenix Elementary School (Kathryn Clarke); Ricajah Bolden of Bacon District Elementary School (Kathryn Clarke); Emily Decamp of Central Middle School (Connie Queensberry). From Cumberland County: Austin Gills of Cumberland Elementary School (Emily Overstreet ’06); Alexa Massey of Cumberland High School (Janice Stanley ’90); Holley Tillet of Cumberland Middle School (Ronda Jones ’78). From Lunenburg County: Heather Seitzinger of Lunenburg Middle School (Jessi Fleisher ’04); Jenni Green of Central High School (Jean Kunath). From Nottoway County: Jabari Washington of Blackstone Primary School (Debbie Quinn); Austin Higgins of Nottoway Middle School (Patricia Herring ’80); Abbey Stutzman of Nottoway Intermediate School (Marley Midkiff); Katherine Garcia of Nottoway High School (Alyson Napier); Gabriella Vines of Crew Primary School (Kristin Jackson); Zyniera Scott of Burkeville Elementary School (Kristin Jackson). From Powhatan: Ava Holt of Pocahontas Elementary School (Lisa Conner); Angeline Lopez of Powhatan Elementary School (Mary Webster); Corey Palmore of Pocahontas Middle School (Kim Dalton); Amber Redd of Powhatan Junior High School (Jennifer Ashby); Patrick Martin of Powhatan High School). From Prince Edward: Robin Terry of New Life Learning Center (Vicki Fulcher); Harley Edwards of New Life Christian Academy (Vicki Fulcher); Emily Erickson of Fuqua Lower School (Denise Penick ’73); Antonio Gonzalez of Fuqua Upper School (Denise Penick ’73); Shane Garrision of Prince Edward County Elementary School (Carol Edmonson); Sarah Edwareds of Prince Edward County Middle School (David Hennessey ’12); George Turner of Prince Edward County High School (Loretta Cencia).

The exhibition and opening reception were co-sponsored by the LCVA and the College of Education and Human Services. For more information on Highlights from the Annual Area Youth Art Exhibition, contact the LCVA at 395-2206.



Power & Beauty:  New in the African Art Collection
Miller Gallery

What do a jewelry designer, a CEO of a top advertising agency, and a former US ambassador have in common? They and their families have recently given spectacular pieces of African art to the LCVA. Gifts from Barbara Boggess Watson, I.B. Dent, Mike & Ginny Hughes, and Allen & Barbara Davis have more than doubled the size of the LCVA's African Art Collection. Featuring highlights from these recent gifts.

The exhibition is generously cosponsored by Lonnie Calhoun & Marian Hahesy-Calhoun, I. B. Dent, Dr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Howard, Bert Johnson, The Martin Agency, and Paris Ceramics.


If you are interested in learning about future exhibitions, please contact Alex Grabiec, Exhibitions Manager, at 395-2206 or grabiecam at longwood.edu.




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