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Student Educators for Active Leadership

SEAL SEAL Students at the Fall Leadership Conference


The purpose of S.E.A.L. is to promote leadership throughout the entire college community. The goal of the organization is to work with and promote collaboration among student groups through different workshops, programs, and conferences. 


Programs Sponsored by S.E.A.L.

Some programs that S.E.A.L. sponsors in conjunction with the Office of Leadership are:

  • New Student Leadership Program
  • Fall Leadership Conference at Smith Mountain Lake
  • Spring Leadership Conference - Social Justice in Action Leadership Summit



To enact the mission of S.E.A.L. -To understand Longwood's history and promote Longwood spirit -To grow together as an organization while continually learning about leadership -To have FUN! -To work together to challenge and support each other as we develop on our journey to becoming citizen leaders.


"Student Educators for Active Leadership (S.E.A.L.) is an organization based on developing leadership at Longwood. We do this through leadership conferences, leadership institute programs that we sponsor, and lead. Everything we do is based on sharing ways to be leaders.

Two of the most important qualities a leader needs are the ability to adapt, and the knowledge to process what they have done. After we process activities, we recognize the importance of the activity or event. All of these qualities and activities are things that we strive for in S.E.A.L. We take pride in our organization and we yearn for the learning and development of leadership at Longwood."

A S.E.A.L. Leader


Want to be a member of S.E.A.L.?

You can find our application here. Applications are due to Lankford 218 by Friday, February 6, 2015 at 5pm.

Open House dates: January 20, January 27, and February 3 at 9pm in the Lankford Ballroom. You must attend an Open House to apply. Please email Emily or Kelly with questions!