Project Success Intro

Your Sophomore year will bring its own exciting challenges and choices surrounding your peer groups, living arrangements, academic major and potential career path, increased academic rigor and opportunities for involvement. 


"Of all the things we covered in Project Success, I have to say that I learned to trust in myself and my abilities rather than simply relying on the strengths of others.  I learned that I have a voice and should use it much more often.  I should never feel as if my opinion doesn't matter because it can have a great impact and make a huge difference.”

Project Success

Project Sucess is a long-standing, one-credit elective course for sophomores that focuses on personal development, civic engagement, career planning and leadership.

Sophomores work in small groups with pre-selected Senior Mentors on activities designed to promote a sense of direction, resiliency and social responsibility.students studying at a table

Activites you'll work with your mentor on include:  

  • Personal reflections
  • A community service project
  • A group presentation


Sophomores (with 25-55 credit hours) by August 2018 are encouraged to Enroll in the EDUC 205: Project Success - Life, Leadership, and Career Preparation during Fall 2018 Registration.

Project Sucess Objectives 

  • Gain knowledge of needs, wants, skills, interests and values
  • Articulate and learn to apply strengths and preferences to enhance personal and group effectiveness
  • Learn about and utilize career-related resources at Longwood
  • Develop tools (resume, cover letter, interview skills, etc.) to achieve career goals
  • Practice personal and work priorities and values to help clarify academic major and career interests
  • Explore ways to get involved in Longwood activities 
  • Develop attitudes, skills, and behaviors of an action-based leader and ways to put them into practice to better serve the community
  • Learned how to Step Up! and intervene in problematic situations
  • Explore what it means to be a Citizen Leader at Longwood and beyond
  • Articulate the mission of a partnering agency and the role which it serves within the Prince Edward community
  • Determine the skills practiced through a group service project and explain how they can be transferred to a future career

Senior Mentors

Deadline: Monday, April 2, 2018

If you're interested in facilitating a Project success group please complete the Senior Mentor Project Sucess Application

The Project Success Facilitation Team will interview applicants and select students to enroll in the EDUC 470:  Peer Mentoring.

Fall 2018 Facilitation Team

Chloe Abshire
Associate Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life
(434) 395-2119

Onie McKenzie
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
(434) 395-2487

Bryan Rose
Director for University Career Services
(434) 395-4931