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Project Success

What is Project Success?

PS team builder 12 2012 Project Success class participating in a team builder at the LU ropes course.


Project Success, or EDUC 205 & 470: Life and Career Planning is a one-credit academic course for seniors and sophomores that focuses on personal development, community service, career development, and citizenship. The course prepares students to excel both in their time at Longwood and in a competitive employment market.

Sophomore participants will gain a range of attitudes and skills essential for learning: self-discipline, confidence, perseverance, responsibility, integrity and hard work. They will work with a Senior Mentor to set challenging goals that will help them become more competent, concerned and complete human beings who have workable plans for academic and social success.  Both seniors and sophomores will participate in an interactive curriculum designed to promote self-discovery.  Senior members serve as mentors - as role models challenging and supporting sophomore participants to engage in learning activities that promote academic success, involvement, and social responsibility. 

In addition, each Senior Mentor will lead a group of sophomores in collaborating on a significant community partner project.


What students are saying about Project Success:

  • "I learned the deeper meaning of community service and why it is important.  I feel empowered and ready [to be] a citizen leader after Project Success!" 
  • "I learned there is not one type of leader.  In fact, there are multiple styles of leadership all of which have their own unique qualities." 
  • "Of all the things we covered in Project Success, I have to say that I learned to trust in myself and my abilities rather than simply relying on the strengths of others.  I learned that I have a voice and should use it much more often.  I should never feel as if my opinion doesn't matter because it can have a great impact and make a huge difference."
PS ropes course 2011 Project Success class at the LU ropes course.

Apply to be a Senior Mentor for Project Success 2015!

Only students with at least 89 credit hours in good academic and disciplinary standing by August 2015, can be considered.  If you are interested in being a Fall 2015 Senior Mentor, please complete a brief application and upload your resume here (click me!) by Friday, March 27 at 5:00pm.  Individual thirty-minute interviews will be arranged for top applicants March 30-April 17.  Students selected as a Senior Mentor will be registered for EDUC 470:  Peer Mentoring by the Facilitation Team and will receive one-credit hour.  


Course Materials for Fall 2014:


Schedule of Activities


Facilitation Team for Fall 2015:

Courtney Jones Addison

Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion



Gus Hemmer

Associate Director for Campus Recreation



Onie McKenzie

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs