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  • SOLSTICE 2015 - 3 of the classes have a total of 7 seats remaining

    Oyster Dance Oyster Dance

    As of 3/25 the clases are almost full, but, if you are interedted, please contact Dr. Lust - lustpd@longwood.edu - right away. It's a wonderful opportunity!

    Go to the SOLSTICE Webpage to find out what classes are available.

  • Congratulations to the newly-installed "Pre-Service Teachers"

    A ceremony held in Hull Building on March 26, 2015 recognized 96 newly-quallified Longwood "Pre-service Teachers" - many of whom are Liberal Studies majors.  Please join us in congratulating these future teachers.

  • Big Thinkers invite you to a social event

    The Liberal Studies "Big Thinkers" are responsible for many interesting opportunities, including the Interdisciplinary Thinking Conference, the Open Houses for prospective students, the Planner and many more.  Are you a "Big Thinker" at heart.  Join us at 5:00 on April 16th in the Haga Room in the Wygal Building to meet current members and to explore the opportunities available to you.  There will be FREE PIZZA.

    See you there.