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Transferring from VCCS

with AA&S, AA or AS completed

The transition from a completed two-year community college program to the Longwood Liberal Studies major and Teacher-Preparation program can be a smooth process for students who plan carefully.

Planning for the Courses

If you are completing an AA, AS or AA&S degree at a Virginia Community College, you can plan your electives to include many of the required Liberal Studies Courses.  Please see the current Longwood catalog for specific requirements.)  The lists below  identify VCCS courses that are accepted as equivalent to Longwood required courses in the Liberal Studies major.


Goals #1-11 are automatically met through completion of the AA, AS or AA&S degrees.

Goal #12         Required Longwood Course      Acceptable Transfer Courses  
  Ethics/Philosophy PHI220, 225, 226, 227, 229

Goal #13 and #14 have no transfer equivalencies and must be met through Longwood courses.


Required on most tracks.  See the Liberal Studies Course of Study page to determine which courses will fit into your plans.

Required Longwood Course     Acceptable Transfer Course   
ENGL380. Children's Literature/3cr.    ENG150
MATH121. Functions and Graphs/3cr.    MTH158, 163
BIOL114. Fundamentals of Life Science/4 cr.    BIO102
PHYS103. Conceptual Physics/4 cr.  PHY100, 101, 102
EASC300. The Dynamic Planet/3 cr.  GOL105, 106, 110

HIST 221. U. S. History to 1877/ 3 cr.
  or HIST 222.  U. S. History since 1877/3 cr. 

 HIS 121, HIS 122
POSC150. American Government and Politics/3 cr.           PLS130, 135, 211, 212


Elementary-school track offered on campus and at NCI or Emporia

There are no transfer equivalents in the major requirements for this track.


Middle-school track offered on campus only - not at NCI or Emporia

Liberal Studies students on the middle-school track choose two areas of concentration.  This list includes course choices that have VCCS transferable equivalents.  See the Liberal Studies Course of Study page to determine which courses will fit into your plans.

Longwood Course    Acceptable Transfer Course   
COMM101. Public Speaking/3 cr.      SPD100, CST100
MATH164. Precalculus/4 cr.
  or MATH262.  Differential and Integral Calculus II/ 4 cr.        
MTH164, 166, 168
MTH174, 274 
MATH261. The Differential and Integral Calculus I/4 cr.   MTH173, 176, 273
CMSC121. Introduction to Computer Science/ 3 cr.
  or CMSC160.  Introduction to Algorithmic Design I/3 cr. 
CSC200, IST114
CSC201, 210 
CHEM101.  General Chemistry/4 cr. CHM101
HIST100.  Foundations of Western Civilization/3 cr. HST101
HIST110.  Modern Western Civilization/3 cr. HST102
ANTH101. Introduction to Anthropology/3 cr. SOC210, 211, 212

Other course requirements in the Liberal Studies major tracks must be met through Longwood courses.


Required Longwood Course    Acceptable Transfer Courses
EDUC245. Human Growth and Development/3 cr.    CHD121, 122, PSY230, 231, 235    
EDUC260. Introduction to the Teaching Profession/2 cr.           EDU200, SDV110
EDUC270. Practicum I/1 cr. EDU200, SDV110

All other professional education requirements must be me through Longwood courses.

NOTE:  If you are not completing an AA, AS or AA&S degree at a Virginia Community College but have college level credits, your transcript will be evaluated on a course-by course basis.  There are no exemptions from the General Education courses as there are with the completed degree.  Please check the Longwood Transfer Guide for further information.

Planning to Meet the Test Score Requirements

The wise student who is interested in teacher preparation will take care of the test requirements prior to entering Longwood University in order to avoid delays in completing the program.  Choose one of the following options:

1.  A composite SAT score of 1100, with 530 or higher on both the math and verbal sections of the test.
2.  ACT composite score of 14, with a math minimum of 22, reading and English total 46.
3.  Virginia Communication and Literacy Assessment (VCLA) reading subtest score of 235 and writing subtest score of 235 plus one of the following:
       a.  SAT math score of 530
       b.  ACT math score of 22
       c.  Praxis I math score of 178 
4.  Composite (reading, writing and math) Praxis I score of 532. 


Check the Office of Professional Services web page for further information about the teacher-preparation program at Longwood.