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Dates and Agenda

HSF Sunrise Sunrise at Hull Springs Farm

Courses offered in the SOLSTICE program include a one-week residency at Longwood's Hull Spring Farm in Westmoreland County just off the Potomac River.  All courses in the SOLSTICE program explore important issues of civic engagement, environmental stewardship and leadership.  While at Hull Springs Farm students engage in activities that support Longwood's mission of cultivating citizen leaders.  

Hull Springs Farm, a 662 acre site in Westmoreland County situated between two tributaries to the Potomac River, is just a short distance from the Chesapeake Bay.  Learn more about Hull Springs Farm. 


SOLSTICE 2011 Video


Science and Civic Issues
GNED261 - Exploring Science in Our World: Great Ecosystem Exploration  
BIOL295 - Special Topic: Ecology and Conservation of the Chesapeake Bay 
LSTU495 - Special Topic: Investigating the Chesapeake Bay Environment

Weeks one three and four of SOLSTICE will include readings, videos, online assignments and other activities that prepare you for the next phase.  You will need to have access to a computer and the internet, but most of the interactive work will be asynchronous, and the flexibility should be helpful for anyone with other commitments during that time.  

Writing and Civic Issues
ENGL483.  Writing: Theory and Practice for the Elementary School -
ENGL479. Writing: Theory and Practice for the Middle and Secondary Classroom
LSTU490: Directed Study: Analyzing the SOLSTICE Program 

Each Liberal Studies / Teacher Preparation track requires a course for teaching writing.  This section of those courses, as part of the SOLstice program, will include opportunities to infuse civic and environmental issues into writing assignments.